Sunday, December 9, 2007

there's a hole in the bucket dear liza dear liza

though we got a late start (not the 9am like i envisioned in my mind--like that would happen really anyway right??) today we did get some things accomplished. i've started cleaning the house and even dusted, yes, i know. the kids finally got their rooms cleaned. well, i should say the boy finally got his semi cleaned. i really need to go in there and just start tossing stuff and reorganize it, but it will do for now.

i've done some laundry and the kids picked up the miscellaneous stuff in the back yard that special k had chewed up. pool toys they hadn't put away, a bird feeder, etc. the girl and i cleaned the pumpkin man off of the front door.

then i got in the attic to get the christmas decorations down. we aren't doing the tree while the hubs is gone but they really wanted to hang the stockings and set out some of our other stuff. i wish i could get my camera and computer to communicate (my computer is on it's last leg and just now decided not to recognize the usb that connects the camera to it) because this would be so much better with pictures.

i'm in the attic handing stuff to the girl to hand to the boy, we've got a system going on. then thud, ouch! i misstepped and my foot went down between two pieces of plywood that were laid across the beams in the attic. ouch that hurt. then i looked down. i was looking into the girls room. honestly at first i didn't realize what i was looking at. then i saw her dolls on her dresser and stuffed animals. my foot went through her ceiling! fuck. i can't believe it. i screamed when i fell and the kids freaked a bit then i said i was ok (and i am) and the boy ran into the girl's room and said, omg, there's a hole. yep. nice hole. fuck. i can totally appreciate the humor of the situation, hence the reason i wanted to show you pictures. but fuck! a hole in the ceiling. there was dirty insulation all over the girl's dresser. and a hole in the ceiling. let's all sing, there's a hole in the bucket dear liza dear liza there's a hole in the bucket (ok, maybe you miss the reference but it makes me laugh because my paw-paw sings that to me sometimes)

i called the hubs. he actually sounded in good spirits. i told him the story and he still sounded in good spirits. he said, well, i've been looking for another project to do around the house, guess i have one now. ah, gotta love a man who doesn't go ballistic when you put a hole in the ceiling. oddly enough he said they--his brother who drove in from california, this dad and his dad's wife (the hub's aunt)--were just talking about how lucky the hubs was to have me. then i called to tell him i put a hole in the ceiling. you just cannot write scenes like that.

(there will soon be crying here in the den--the kids are wrestling--the girl will get the boy down and he won't be able to move and then he will cry and yell for help)

so dinner is running late (the hole set us back a little) so i made the kids go ahead and get their baths. i heard the boy in the living room after he got out of the tub and the girl was getting ready for her bath. i walked in the living room to ask him a question and he was sitting butt naked on the sofa touching himself. ok, not like masturbating but just hey how ya doin' touching. really, is it time for this already?? and really, does it have to be THIS week??? i told him to go get dressed then i went out in the garage for a cigarette.

and dinner? Frito pie. yes, that greasy concoction my mother makes--ground beef, rice, kidney beans and cheese dumped over Fritos. the girl requested it. i couldn't believe it. i am doctoring it up though and naturally drained the grease.

lord help me is it bedtime yet?


Anonymous said...

please tell me i am not the only one that instantly thought of the scene in christmas vacation where chevy chase falls through the attic floor and is standing on his son's top bunk bed?

creative kerfuffle said...

you aren't the only one--that was the first thing the bro said---christmas vacation.