Wednesday, December 26, 2007

jokes and music

ok, the ham's in the oven and i danced around foolishly in the kitchen to sexyback. how can you hear that song and not feel sexy and/or want to have sex? (ok, so the kids will be forbidden to ever listen to justin timberlake). anyway--hello, You see the shackles Baby I’m your slave I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave It’s just that no one makes me feel this way....luscious. (though no, i do not want whipped, at least not with like a real whip).

now we're mellowing out to van. the boy loves moondance so we danced around to that a bit. now...i wanna rock your gypsy soul, just like way back in the days of old and together we will go into the mystic....this music just touches my soul like i can't even describe.

dream dinner guests--stephen king, johnny depp, van morrison, vincent van gogh, rod stewart, katharine hepburn, claude monet, ee cummings, anne rice, admiral byrd (went to antarctica), bette midler, johnny cash, patsy cline, cyndi lauper, aaron sorkin (west wing creator) and vincent dinoffrio.

i have to share the boy's latest jokes because we have come such a long way from why did the porcupine pee on the house? because he wanted to see a firequacky.

drum roll please:

what kind of cereal do you eat in the winter?
frosted flakes

what companies do guys like to go to?

what kind of coffee tastes like dirt?
ground coffee

what jungle animals are the calmest?


Mrs. A. said...

I like just about all your "dream dinner" guests.

(You know which one I love the most).

Stephen King was my favorite author for a long time. I don't know, I cherish some of the older stuff he wrote but I fell away from a lot of the later stuff.

I would sit and eat dinner with just about any writer/artist/musician.

Some faves: U2, REM, Raymond Carver (were he still alive), Billy Zane, Ann Beattie, Oprah (I just think she'd be a hoot). There are probably more but I need to ponder.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind having the man Christ Jesus at my dinner table. I have way many things to discuss with Him, if you catch my drift.

Mrs. A

creative kerfuffle said...

hey mrs. a--yes, i know i'd have to seat you next to mr. depp : ) i haven't read an sk for a long time either, the last i read was the cell and i did like it. my fave of his are the stand and pet semetary, though i love his short stories too. i think just about all of us would have a lot to ask Jesus frankly.

Mrs. A. said...

The Stand is still my favorite Stephen King novel. :)

I think I read The Cell -- I loved Pet Semetary as well, I loved Carrie before the movie version came out -- don't know why but I liked the book so much better -- you're right, his short stories are good, I remember one I read where these 4 kids swim out to a raft in the late fall and they can't swim back because something in the water rips them apart -- very creepy.

I could go on the longer I sit here, remembering. . .maybe I'll check out a King book the next time I'm at the library just for kicks.

creative kerfuffle said...

yes carrie was good and that mini-series thing he did, the green mile? awesome. the shining, also good. actually about the only books of his i didn't like were the gunslinger books. usually his movies suck, except stand by me and shawshank redeption. as for the stand, i have the unabridged version and love it. the more words the better i say. i have about 10 other books lined up to read but just might have to revisit king myself.