Saturday, December 29, 2007

the glasses, cat lovin' and spiderman cologne

more progress was made today as we hauled a truck full of stuff to the dump. i took the lights off the last tree standing. tomorrow the christmas boxes will go back into the attic and the holiday officially done and packed away for another year.

we also made a trip to home depot to estimate what it would cost to redo some of the floors. we want to put stone or ceramic tile in the entryway and wood floors in the dining room, living room and hallway. there are sooooo many choices. i wish i could get a decorator to come in and say which colors would look best. i really really love the darker wood floors but think it might not be the right look for our house. i know i don't like the really light colored wood. i think probably something in the middle tone would look best. as for the stone, again, lots of choices. i know i don't want smooth shiny floors like in a bank lobby or something. i like the natural stone/slate stuff.

the girl had her glasses on when we entered home depot. when we got home they were gone. we scoured the truck (borrowed from my dad). no glasses. the hubs and the girl went back to home depot (round trip of at least an hour) and no glasses. if they don't turn up, which i don't suspect they will, this will be her fourth pair of glasses in two years. this will be the second pair she lost and she broke one pair. my question you make her "pay" for part of them out of her allowance? take away her allowance for a set number of weeks? obviously we wouldn't make her pay the whole cost, but do you make her pay a portion just to get across to her the importance of them? i just don't know.

moving on. the bro, sil and nephew came over for dinner and to hang out tonight. the boys (my boy and my nephew) ran around playing, shirtless. cracked me up. there's just something about a kid (my nephew) running around shirtless wearing a Darth Vader helmet and carrying a toy chainsaw that just cracks me up. they also rode the razor scooters around the house (thank you target, on sale for $24). they always have such a good time together. i hope they always stay that close. towards the end of the evening the got into the boy's spider man cologne. the house now reeks of it. it is not a good smell. i think they were using it as a room deodorizer.

my sil and i beat my bro and the girl at cranium. it's a really fun game. a mix of charades, pictionary, trivial pursuit and spelling.

then there's my brother and meow (who is in heat). what's that saying, you can love your pets but don't LOVE your pets. meow has a thing for feet when she's in heat. she started rubbing up against my bro's feet. he jiggled them around and now i think he's her best friend.


Anonymous said...

Get that poor cat fixed!

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

i know i know. it's on the to do list for 2008 (the part that wasn't published) : )