Sunday, December 9, 2007

my christmas list

i'm ordered my christmas present. here's what i'm getting. i've never bought my own christmas present before, but the hubs knew i've been wanting a better one and since i handle the day to day money an expense like that wouldn't have gone unnoticed by me. plus, although i don't like knowing what i'm getting, i'm glad i'm getting to pick it out.

to mimic my children though, i am greedy and here's the rest of my christmas list : )

any of the post secret books
anais anais
a gift certificate to bath & bodyworks (i don't like shopping but i love shopping in this store)
peanut butter m&ms
a new copy of van morrison's moondance CD--mine is worn out
the justin timberlake CD that has sexy back on it (that is one hot song)
we are marshall dvd
marshall sweatshirt

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