Friday, December 21, 2007

cumin, a chicken and naked boy

ok, first i have to tell you i'm in a pretty freaking good mood today. i don't know if it was being off work or doing some christmas shopping or what but today was good.

it was made better at lunch. so, i have these three friends (ok, i have more but i'm talking about this bunch of friends) and they are actually my oldest friends aside from the hubs. i met them more than 8 years ago, like 9 or so, before the boy was born. sweet t and famous and i worked together and sneal worked down the hall. we had to pass his office to go to the bathroom and we'd hide out in his office (he had a sofa) when we wanted to duck out of work or hide from our boss.

anyway, we still meet for lunch occasionally, them more so than me because my job sucks balls. yesterday sneal up and emails that he's bringing someone with him, a japanese exchange student or something. sweet t and i just assumed he was being a smart ass as usual.

today sneal brought cumin, a japanese guy he stayed with for a week a few years ago when he spent 6 months in japan. the guy's name isn't really cumin but that's what it sounds like and i'm sure i'd slaughter it if i tried to spell it. sweet t and i laughed cos we thought sneal was kidding. lesson learned. cumin is staying with sneal for a few weeks. for his birthday three days ago--sneal took him to hooters. really? apparently boobs are a universal bonding agent. cumin liked the restaurant (didn't know what hooters were until they went there) and asked the waitress to marry him.

so we exchanged gifts and it was great as always. famous, god i love her, gives the most unusual gifts of anyone i've ever known. to an outsider they'd think wtf? but i have loved, honestly, everything she's ever given me. today she gave us each a fat ceramic chicken. i will post a photo of it later. it is so quirky, but i love it. i think i'm going to have it roost in the front flower bed. sweet t gave me some cool snowmen earrings and some other great stuff : ) (guinea pig MADE me some awesome earrings this year--she's one of my martha stewart friends).

i left the lunch feeling so happy. i love those people, really really love them. we may go a few days or sometimes a week or so w/out emailing or talking and aside from random lunches we don't get together a lot but they are my dearest friends.

after lunch i finished up my christmas shopping. except for my grandma. i picked out a hoody and some pants. did i mention she's tiny? like she could wear the girl's size clothing. it's hard to find something appropriate for a 70+ year old woman in the girl's department. so i shopped for awhile with those in the cart and put them back thinking i'd get the wine. then, when it got time to get the wine i thought, omg, i know why she drinks the screw cap or box wines, there's no way in hell she could use a bottle opener, she'd kill herself. so no wine. (she's tiny and not very strong and has thin skin a wine opener would be the last thing she needs to handle). so i'm back to the picture frames. maybe some paperwhites in a nice pot?

now for the naked boy. sheesh. i don't even know if i have to explain. as many of you know, the boy likes going commando and he doesn't like wearing socks. the hubs and i were hanging out in the living room on the couch and when i walked in the den the boy was sitting on the couch butt naked! total, full on nude. i told him to put some clothes on. he said nobody was looking at him. i said, you can't run around the house naked you freak. ok, i had to apologize for the freak part because it hurt his feelings and i really wasn't trying to scar him, but damn! i have an 8 year old exhibitionist.


Anonymous said...

AWWWW! I have to say that you are one of my dearest friends, too. I know I can say anything to you without judgement. And being around you and the others always improves my mood. Even sneal. :)

Lunch was fun. And I was really surprised that cumin existed. Too funny.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

thanks sweet t : ) aren't we the coolest, most awesome people ever? LOL. seriously though, our friendship means a lot to me even if i can't come to lunch as often as i'd like : )
had i been drinking something when you said you thought cumin was a joke i'm sure i would have spewed it from my nose. THAT was priceless!LOL

Anonymous said...

About the naked boy - be careful about making him feel that his body is something to be ashamed of or he is a freak for being comfortable with it. Maybe its just a phase that he will outgrow, or maybe its an early sign of something that will be part of his being. It may be best to learn, guide, and embrace this than have him feel he has to hide who he is in shame (especially from his parents)! Here's a link to one of many naturalist thoughts on this. Yes, this is for a specific nudist community, but the overall comments (see "Children and Nudism") are basic in their concept. Have fun :)