Thursday, December 27, 2007

de-assing continued

ok, it's about 2:30. so far we have one huge assed box to give away (or possibly sell on ebay). anyone looking for a butt load of power ranger action figures and/or some batman stuff? i had to stop myself from tucking the buzz lightyears (though missing their power packs) into the box for the attic. sniff sniff. my baby's first action heroes. i liked buzz myself. we do have woody in the attic though so i've consoled myself with that.

aside from the give away box we also have about 2 full bags of garbage/broken stuff/paper. we are maybe half way done. with the boy's room. not any other room. not the shelves of martini/wine glasses. not the twin sheets. and what am i doing? blogging. go figure. don't worry though, i have taken before and will take after pictures of the boy's room to share. later. when the work is done. the midst of all this i have managed to also do about 3 loads (and counting) of laundry. and i'm making a turkey. yes, today i should be worshipped as a freaking domestic goddess dammit. : )

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