Saturday, December 29, 2007

so, what brings you here?

ok, this is just getting bizarre. is there a celtic underground movement i'm not aware of? i've told you from time to time that on my site meter i can track the city and state people are reading from right? well, if someone has done a google search and something from my site pops up it tells if they follow that link to my web site.

apparently there are lots of people looking for celtic images in the last month or so because the image i found on google images (the one i'd use for a tatt) is bringing them here! and boy, i bet they're disappointed! LOL it usually takes them two page views before they say wtf and leave. at least i assume that's what's going on in their heads.

just imagine---sitting around, searching the computer for a nice celtic symbol, perhaps looking for a new tatt design as i was at one point. (don't worry, i don't really think i'll ever get a second tattoo). the google links bring you to this blog of all things. a blog with a castle on it. what the hell, lets look around here for awhile. wow, this woman is not only boring but apparently the control key doesn't work on her computer because she doesn't use caps. and she thinks she's a writer? how pretencions is she's fucking ee cummings or something. fuck that shit i'm outa here. (and just for the record it is not that i am in any way trying to be ee cummings, it is that i'm just incredibly lazy and type much faster if i don't have to use the caps.)

then there are the "next bloggers" as i like to call them. the people who get here simply but clicking the next blog button at the top. these people are usually in and out quicker than a teenage boy. (you laughed at that didn't you? ; ) ) often they are also from far away places.

there also are people who get here but dumb luck i'm thinking. i wend my way to different blogs from time to time, sometimes i add them to my favorites and read them for a couple of weeks; just lurking in the background. there are also blogs i really like, like mrs. a's. still waiting to see her review of sweeney todd : ) my review of the chipmunks would have to be 4 star; for it's genre it was good. there's a message, there's cuteness, singing (though i loathe loathe loathe that damn chipmunk voice) and there's the guy from my name is earl.

last but certainly not least are my real life peeps who diligently read this. i realize many of them aren't reading this week cos they only read from work : ) and they're on vacation, but they're out there. sweet t is around i know : )

i am curious though as to what brings you here. and, you can comment anonymously if you prefer. i guess what i'm asking for is a readership survey. what do you like/dislike about the blog? don't worry, this probably will not change my content whatsoever, but it gives you a chance to get things off your chest : ) i'm so nice like that huh? lol


Mrs. A. said...

I did laugh out loud at the teenage boy comment(in & out quick). Too funny :)

Sweeney Todd review sometime this weekend -- the Daughter & I are scheduled to see it later today after some major retail therapy. I need it after the last few days of having all the kids here.

And I am clueless about sitemeter and all other things computer-tech rated. I've no idea who stumbles across my blog (if anyone).

Mrs. A

creative kerfuffle said...

mrs. a--if you go to you can download a counter for your blog. (there's a spot for it on the template.) then you have a counter of how many people come to your blog and you can see the days of the week it gets read etc. and it's free. kinda cool.