Friday, December 7, 2007

keeping it real

so far so good on holding the shit together : ) my plan house wise is to tackle one room at a time and take it from there.

the hubs left this morning on his 22 hour journey. he'll stop half way or so tonight and spend the night then reach his dad's tomorrow evening. he left a day early because they're expecting a huge ice storm sunday. don't worry, we finally got to have some awesome sex before he left : )

i think, aside from the worry/stress about his dad, it's going to be a difficult time for him. it will be the first time he's been there since we were there after his mom's funeral. the first time he's been there with the wife/aunt living there, seeing all the change she's made to his mom's house. plus it will be weird, i think, to be around her during this time. naturally if it were his mom he'd be there hoping to comfort her but it's kind hard to do that under the circumstances.

here are my weekend plans. tonight (like in 15 minutes) the girl and i are taking the boy to lego club. yes, i know you're incredibly jealous : ) actually, playing with legos is kinda fun. tomorrow morning from 9-11 we get to help the boy turn a rectangular block of wood into a pinewood derby car. there will be dads there with power tools so hopefully they'll know what the hell we're supposed to do. tomorrow evening, dinner at my bro's.

sunday i think we'll do some errands and start tackling the house, piece by piece. i'm sure i'll be blogging alot between now and then though.

i'm just a tad bit anxious about spending a week as a single parent. not because i don't think i can but because i think i'll probably lose my mind without the hubs around for that long.


Anonymous said...

thanks for letting us know about the sex. i will go ahead and speak for all of your readers when i say we were worried about that ;)

creative kerfuffle said...

just wanted to make sure y'all weren't worried about it. it is going to be a long week ya know.