Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i got my present

guinea pig couldn't find the christmas list post so here's the link. the big present came in today so once i plow through the directions i hope to start peppering awesome photos in the blog. i might actually read the owner's manual for a change.

i've been pretty animated most of the day but feel like i'm coming down. getting sleepy. it's like i hit a brick wall at the end of the day.

the fil is not doing as wonderfully as he was at the beginning of the day. this morning they took him off the ventilator, but are considering putting him back on it. they've given him a breathing treatment trying to get him to cough but he hasn't. he has a lot of fluid on his lungs. i could hear the worry and distress in the hub's voice this evening. i'm sure it's not helping that the brother, aunt and sister are being what seems to me complete asses. the hubs really is very laid back and, for the most part, low maintenance, so when he's surrounded day and night by drama and high maintenance it doesn't work well. i hope he can just keep his cool and not blow a gasket while he's there.

this whole situation gives me pause. in most situations when a spouse is ill you naturally defer most everything to the other spouse. like that person is the one the doctor's talk to, that person is the one that gets to stay in the room, be around the most, get taken care of and empathized with because they are the spouse, they are the one. but does that apply to johnny come lately spouses? i mean if you have four grown children, the youngest of which is 42, and you've been married to their aunt for lest than two years (and up until three years ago you really didn't have much to do with her) does she really get to be involved or be concerned like your kids' do? i don't know. they, the kids, have a life-long relationship with him. she, who i am starting to like less and less, saw an opportunity to take everything in life her sister had and ride the gravy train, does not have as much invested in this man in this family. maybe i'm wrong. maybe i'm being hateful. it just pisses me off.

and before, when i said that she said the stuff would be split 6 ways and it pissed me off? it's not because of the stuff. they don't have anything i want. well, that's not true. i want some family pictures. the thing is, after their mother died, the fil gave the kids nothing of hers and he gave things to her sister (who is now his wife). no sentimental token, nothing like, hey, i know your mom would have wanted you to have this knickknack or quilt or SOMETHING. and now the four kids will divide their parents' life with their two cousins who don't have a dime in this race? really? i would think it should be like, ok, her kids get her mementos to divide up, the things she had before she married the fil and my husband and his siblings should get the stuff from their parents right? i'm talking the family heirloom things. the money (which i have no idea if there is or isn't any) doesn't matter, split that a million ways i don't care. it's the family things. anyway, it's not for me to say and it's not like we haven't discussed this before. the whole situation has prompted the hubs and i to be specific about things we want each kid to have, whether or not either of us marries again.

the girl is working on her sunset (she has to paint one for school) and then we're going to watch a christmas classic, santa claus is coming to town. bass and rankin knew their shit when they developed all of those shows. they still are the best. although i also love me some emmet otter's jug band christmas.

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