Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas!

merry christmas! was santa good to everyone?? our celebration started yesterday. everyone was to be here at 3:30 and, as usual, my folks and sister w/ her kids showed up half an hour early. thankfully my bro and sil weren't far behind.

we opened gifts and ate and played with the kids' toys. i got some really cool stuff--Guinness (my fave beer) mugs, penguin candle, penguin slippers and then there were the other gifts. my mom (bless her heart, cos that's what you say in the south about people you just really don't know what else to say about) got me a large, plastic, winnie-the-pooh snow globe. and my aunt got all of us girls watches w/ 50 million different colored bands and face plates.

after everyone left we got the kids in bed around 9pm. at midnight, after santa had been and gone, they still were awake. we put them in bed with us. four of us in the bed. we didn't get a lot of sleep. every two hours they woke me up, is it time, can we get up? no, go back to sleep. 5 am was the last time i remember them waking me up. we finally got up at 8am. it's funny the gifts i thought would be hits---the fly pen for the girl, the rc car for the boy...but nope, they were most excited about the blendy pens and webkinz and were surprised that santa put (chocolate) coal in their stockings.
and what did i get? : ) almost everything on my list. i got a new moondance cd (van, my love), justin timberlake's sexyback (though the hubs was ready to say he bought it for his daughter rather than his wife), a post secret book and the we are marshall dvd, plus lots of goodies in my stocking. a very good christmas indeed.
it's almost 2pm and we're still in our pajamas but we have cleaned up the after-christmas mess. i think we're going to nap awhile and then go to my folk's house.
i hope you all had a wonderful christmas.

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