Friday, December 28, 2007

ho hum

after my last post yesterday we got even more done. the boy's room looks awesome (will post pics later). while i was helping the boy in his room the girl assured me hers was clean. i asked several times, as she was sitting in my recliner watching animal planet and/or discovery channel surgeries--are you sure your room is clean. i'm talking big clean? yeah, i just need you to help me organize stuff.

at 5ish when i tied up the last bag of trash from the boy's room and went to the girl's room to look at what a great job she'd done. uh, fuck no it wasn't clean. so an hour later (her room was no where near as bad as the boy's) we finished hers and it looks great too.

after the hubs came home the endeavors continued. i cleaned out the linen closet, no more twin sheets. we edited the videos/dvds. they were in four different places in the house. we have two full boxes of videos to give to goodwill. wow.

after a day like that i was in quite the pissy mood. the hubs was wary of me. he said i do this every year. perhaps i do. i would feel guilty if i didn't do anything while i was off, guilty if i sent the kids to daycare for even one day and yet i get pissy toward the end of the vacation because i've had enough. what kind of mother doesn't want to spend time with her kids?

i think part of it is post-holiday deflation. you get all pumped up and excited for the holidays, then pleeeff, it deflates like the air going out of a balloon. it's like seeing a dance club or bar in the daylight. it looks fun and inviting at night with the lights and glitter but by light of day it looks trashy and cheesy. so the holidays are over.

new year's you say? we've never been new year's people. i don't think i've ever been to a new year's party in my life. i like the idea of it. with the kids it is sort of limiting as to what you can do. i don't like the thought of being out on the road with them that night--too many crazies. but even before the kids--i think one year i had an impacted wisdom tooth or something, something painful and oral that prevented us from having fun. of any kind.

and i was kind of a bitch to the hubs yesterday. he really really wants to start another house project. he really wants to update the floors. i really do too but i freak out about money. i love having something new going on with the house. i would love to totally get ahold of my kitchen and figure out how to make it better. there is absolutely no work space near the stove. i don't like myself when it comes to these types of issues. in the big scheme of things it really isn't as big of a deal as i make it out to be.

i think part of my problem, and i'm not saying this is fair or right at all, is that i felt like i worked my ass off yesterday and i was not worshipped enough for it. : ) there, i said it. i like getting credit where credit is due. the conversation could have been something like this:

he says at the very millisecond he walks in the door: wow! this is incredible! is this really the boy's room? how in the world did you do this? AND you cleaned the girl's room? wow baby this is awesome.

me: blushing, yes, well, they helped. i didn't do it alone.

him: AND you did all this laundry. AND you cooked a turkey. c'mere.
(he envelopes me in a passionate hug and kiss)

me: well, it needed done.

him: and it's so sexy that you're still in your pajamas at 6 oclock. let me finish dinner and you go relax.

ok, ok, i know it's silly but a girl can dream right? : )


Anonymous said...

I love it! Every girl wants to be acknowledged for the overlooked stuff she does. Have you seen The Break Up? Wait, I think we talked about that.

Congrats on cleaning up. You're doing better than I am. I always have grand plans that get ruined by sleeping late, and anything else I can do to avoid cleaning. I did get to spend some time with a few friends I never get to see, so that was good.

Maybe we'll do better in 2008?

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

yes, we did discuss the break up and it's exactly like that! : ) i am in a better mood now and not pouting : ) the kids and i went w/ the sil/nephew to see the chipmunk movie and believe it or not it was good. i enjoyed it. i want a chipmunk now : ) too cute.