Thursday, December 27, 2007

let the de-assing begin

hmmm, some of you may be on vacation this week. yes, yes i am too but as some of you know, when you have kids and they too are on vacation when you are on vacation you don't really get a vacation. don't get me wrong, i love my kids. i like being with my kids. most of the time. last night i even tried to play are you smarter than a fifth grader with my fifth grader. we've never watched the show. perhaps we need to because the damn directions made no sense whatsoever. or maybe i'm just not as smart as i thought i was. go figure.

today, being the adult that i am, i have designated as the de-assing day. we are going to clean and unclutter the house. so, it's going on 12:30 and i've done everything possible so far to put this off. i made the boy an omelet (go figure, no cheese, what is WRONG w/ that kid???). i have made a few phone calls. in my haste to start my vacation i failed to realize that school is out on jan. 2. the day i go back to work. i failed to sign the kids up for daycare that day. i have made calls hoping to get them in. you'd think i could since they only need a 24 hour notice if they aren't coming. oy vey, we'll see. the hubs might have to take them with him that day.

i have checked my work email and deleted about 100 useless emails. i have read blogs and had coffee and cleaned out the dishwasher.

being a grown up really sucks balls sometimes. it's one thing when you're a kid and someone tells you to clean your room. you have no choice, you have to do it. but when you are the grown up and you're imposing a cleaning rampage on yourself, who the hell do you get mad at and rail against? and you know that unless you do it it will not get done. does it matter? maybe not. the boy is 8 and so what if about 10 years of pre-him crap fills his closet, preventing him from squeezing one thing of his own in there. is that important? does it really matter that the linen closet is half full of twin size sheets and there's no longer a twin size bed in this house and hasn't been for some time? or that we have about two shelves of wine/martini glasses taking up valuable kitchen cabinet space and, though the hubs desperately wants to be a wine collector and has many (cheap, yet cool labeled) bottles, we rarely drink wine (or anything for that matter).

ok, enough procrastinating. i could tell myself if i don't get this done today then no alvin and the chipmunks for me tomorrow. sniff sniff. but then that's really not punishing me is it? i need a whip cracker today. for myself.

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