Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MMBCMS of the FL

this will mean absolutely nothing to any of you so feel free to skip this post, however i have to preserve this for myself, in my old age when i can't remember shit.

in high school my friends and i made up a name for a club. we thought we were so incredibly smart and witty. we were the smart kids in school and we knew it. of course we were not the popular kids in school but we convinced ourselves that we were still tres cool because we were so damn smart and secretly the popular kids envied us.

mind you there was no actual club, but had we wanted to have a club it would have been the mega mondo beaner choil meese society of the flueish language.

mega mondo (uh, hello, it was the 80s these were our adjectives)
beaner--because one of my best friends was mexican (that was before hispanic was the pc word)
choil--this is a stretch--because we saw this on electric company. remember back, think hard...one of the things they did on EC was show profiles of two faces facing each other. they'd make words that way. one profile would say straw and the other would say berry and then they'd both say strawberry. so one day, no lie (yes, we used to say that too), on EC there was a blooper and the one profile said ch and the other said oil and together they said choil.
meese--who knows about this one--we were playing with words, meese, plural for moose?
society of the flueish (nonexistent) language

wow---believe it or not we didn't even smoke weed back then

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