Sunday, August 28, 2011

i didn't feel old until...

....i watched the vmas tonight. today's my birthday. it has been a wonderful day--hubs and kids made breakfast (kids even picked out turkey bacon (nasty) because a few days ago i said we needed to get back on a healthy eating track); i got some kick ass presents (some of which you can see above); hubs grilled steaks; we shared a bottle of wine. perfect day.

then we watched the vmas. i didn't recognize many of the names. i shook my head at most of the performances, even lady g. i saw a commercial for...i can barely say it...a remake of footloose. what the hell is the world coming to? people accepting awards w/ the baggy pants and underwear showing. people dressed up w/ stuffed animals as accessories. i am old.

i have to admit a secret though...i have a bizarre crush on russell brand.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

oy to the vey

i am beginning to worry about my son. dude does not fucking listen to anything. he is not a bad kid. he's not mean or hateful. he's very respectful, creative, intelligent, caring, loving. but, oh, my, gawd he doesn't listen. he has no focus.

i can tell him something right to his face. three times. and it's like the words i am saying are going in one ear, and he hears me talking, but he cannot comprehend what i am saying.

for example--tonight he asked me, hey mom, do you know a jane doe? me, no, why. him, jane doe sent me a friend request on fb. is she a friend of yours? me, no, i don't know a jane doe. him, so are you friends w/ her? is she on your fb page? do i know her? me, SON, i do not know anyone named jane doe. him, didn't you used to work with someone named jane doe? SON!!!! i do not know anyone named jane doe!!! him, ok, ok, you don't need to yell. so, should i accept her friend request? hole.e.hell.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

so much too say

thursday of this week i called the hubs from work. i was all excited because...omg...i was BUSY. yes, BUSY i tell you. (this phenom remained in tact on friday as well). when i have work to keep me busy (even if it is not the most sexy, creative work around) i am much happier. when i called to tell him this he was hanging out at my parents' house.

why in the hell would he be doing that you might ask? he's been carrying around this footlocker of anger/frustration over them most of the summer because of their lack of involvement in our kids' lives and the fact that they are shitty parents/grandparents. we spent hours rehashing his conversation that night, but basically he feels better, got a lot of his chest and they (once again) say that they want to be better, blah blah blah. i get the feeling that this might have been a repeat of a conversation my brother had with them about a year ago about communication and how they don't do it. whatever.

yesterday we went to a local karate tournament that the boy was competing in (didn't know we were doing this until the last minute). since starting karate two years ago he's been to half a dozen tournaments and i am perplexed. you'd think a sport/hobby/discipline as focused as karate would lend itself to an organized event. NOPE. i have never been to one that started on time or was organized well or that didn't have starts and stops as the organizers tried to figure out what they were doing. i don't understand that at all.

i also took the girl to get her school-do on. purple highlights. as much as i like our cool little hairdresser girl and her shop atmosphere and the others who work there, every time we leave we are not fully satisfied w/ the service we've received. the girl expressly told the hair dresser how much purple she wanted and where (because the last time she got blue and didn't specify, she didn't really get as much as she wanted). again...not as much purple as she wanted. and even though i was sitting there the whole time, i'm trying to figure out how such little coloring took two hours. the last time i got my hair highlighted there i was also underwhelmed. sigh, i fear i might be time to find another hair place. i hate that.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what the hell is happening?

riots and fires and vandalism in london

for the first time in history the country's credit rating has been downgraded

three FUGITIVE siblings were caught in colorado after committing crimes in fl and ga

comprehending the debt the country is in is impossible

stephen hawking outlined exactly how the big bang created the universe and said that meant there was no need to say a god did it therefore there is no god

sadly i have gone against my nature and, out of boredom, i read the news more often now. why? there is nothing positive in the news. the world is falling apart. seriously. falling apart. and? i read an article yesterday that basically said the japanese government didn't properly evacuate people after the reactor meltdown because they didn't know where to send them because the people who were supposed to be able to figure out the technical data about where that shit was blowing didn't know how to read the data. REALLY?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

zzzzzzzzzz....wait...what? it's 5pm?

i will preface this post by saying, yet again, that i am unbelievably thankful that i have a job. i am working for a good company. the people in my department are cool. it is laid back. i am thankful for a paycheck that allows me to pay the bills and actually start rebuilding from the last two years and planning for the future. i have friends who are still job hunting. i know the fear and anguish they face.

BUT...i have never been so freakin' bored in my life. i go in every morning am i going to make the things on my to do list last all week? when i do have tasks to perform they are...boring. i am a paper pusher. the creative juices get drained at the door. there is no need for them. today i completed several online crossword puzzles and a sudoko puzzle between proofing ads that consist of one line of text and part numbers. i am editing a q&a article and trying to prevent myself from rewriting the whole thing just so i have something to do. part of my job entails creating (i use this term VERY loosely) blurb copy for weekly online newsletters. i am not only caught up on this task, i have all of the work for august done. my boss is on vacation this week, which makes it even slower for me. she keeps telling me it will get busy. there is scuttlebutt that we will be hiring more people in our department in the fall. i am wondering why.

i would rather be running around w/ too much on my plate than sitting there trying to figure out how to fill the day. it drives me nuts. i am cautious about playing around too much on the internet, which would fritter away a lot of time, because i don't know how closely this company monitors such things. i did, however, notice that when i've gone to talk w/ our graphics person about ads we're working on, she is either on fb or shopping online.

the hubs asked me today if everything was ok. i told him i am bored to freakin' death. but, still, glad to have a job. very glad to have a job. and i'm not looking for a job.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


you know how most bathroom stalls are pretty standard? you have the toilet paper dispenser on the left side and usually a shiny metal trash bin on the right. well, in our work bathroom stalls there is another receptacle beside the tp dispenser w/ little bags for disposal of "necessary items" as it is labeled. there is also a paper toilet seat cover dispenser. some of the stalls also have a sign on the door, so when you sit down, you can read..."blood-born pathogens can be harmful. please wrap all necessary items and dispose of them in the bags before placing in the trash can."

there are also bigger, brown paper bags in the shiny metal trash bin on the right of the stall wall.

outside the stalls, on the wall, there is a necessary item dispenser (like many bathrooms have) but these are free.

today is day three of my needless period and i did not pack enough supplies to get me through the day. i don't know whether it's age or what, but i require both a pon and a pad, industrialabsorbancy in both.

now, since i have two "necessary items" to wrap and double bag every damn time i go to the bathroom (so i don't contaminate anything w/ blood-born pathogens) it takes awhile and it is noisy. i feel like i should be wearing a damn hazmat suit.

today the free supplies in the dispenser just weren't doing the job so at lunch i went out to the grocery store to pick up the industrialabsorbancy supplies i needed, so i wouldn't have to reload every damn hour.

i enter the grocery store and voila--there's a bogo sale on pepperridge farm cookies. snag, in the basket they go. i have to walk through the deli so i snagged some sushi to take back to my desk for lunch. i am circling the store (not my local grocery) to find the industrialabsorbancy items i require and find myself in the frozen food aisle. of course they aren't there, but there are bogo ice cream sandwiches. i snag those to take back to work to share w/ my co-workers. finally find the pons and get to the checkout--i look down at my basket--two bags of cookies, two boxes of ice cream sandwiches, a thing of sushi and a box of industrialabsorbancy pons--yeah, that's a period shop for ya.