Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Late night housekeeping

I'm packed and ready to come home but can't sleep so I'm reading through the blog. There are a few things I need to update.

Two years ago I wrote these goals and I was looking at what I've accomplished so far.

1. Make it through the day without spilling something on myself. Accomplished. I didn't spill a single thing on myself today.

2. Make it through the workday doing ONLY work, nothing personal, like, say, writing a blog. Stupid goal. I'm a creative spirit, I can't get through the day doing just work stuff. I HAVE to divert my attention sometimes to rejuvenate the creative side for work.

3. Make it through a major holiday without feeling like I would have rather spent the day cleaning bedpans in a mental institution. This past Christmas wasn't too terribly painful with the family (who STILL, by the way, have the Christmas lights up outside and the plastic Santa in the yard.)

4. Before I’m 40 I want to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Hmm, I don't know if anyone ever really figures out what they want to be when they grow up you just have to figure out if what you're doing makes you happy. For the most part the job (aside from the travel) makes me happy most of the time it's just all the extraneous things/people I have to deal with that frustrates me.

5. Start and complete a craft project. I've started crocheting another blanket for the Hubs but it's not finished yet. Of course I just started it a few weeks ago. I should have packed that and I could have worked on it this week. Can you have a crochet hook in your checked bags these days? I've also been thinking about more artistic endeavors. Believe it or not in high school and even some in college I took art classes and loved them. Mostly sketching but also some pottery. Since then I've painted one thing--a rather odd thing that's hanging in my bedroom. Abstract, and depending on how you look at it there's an unintentional phallic symbol in it. There's also what looks to be a snake swallowing a ball.

6. Get a mammogram before I’m 40. Done! Thanks for the Mammeries!

7. Walk on that treadmill in my garage starting out at two hours a week; I know it’s not a lot by any means, unless of course you’re a slug, but we’re going from zero to 120 minutes of exercise here folks. Not done. I also need to do some crunches or something to get rid of this root beer belly. : )

Then there's the list of things I like. I'll just highlight the updates/changes.

Extra bubble gum—two pieces I'm off the gum chewing thing, probably due to the root canal I had earlier in the year.

Dirty vodka martinis replaced by Guinness and most recently Disaronno, thanks for the spell check TS : )

La petit morte No, of course this hasn't changed but I think I may have gone too far with my readers on writing a poem about it : ) Words people, they're words and I love words and thought it was a pretty accurate description.

Train—Lincoln Avenue, Drops of Jupiter Also not changed but added to my list is of course Van Morrison. I'm jonesin' for some Van. I have the CD with me! : ) As soon as I get in my car tomorrow I'm putting it in and cranking it up! "I want to rock your gypsy soul..." And my friend Big T has informed me that she's got 3 Van CDs waiting on me when I get back! (I have GREAT friends!!!) It does make me smile though when we get in the car and the Boy asks to hear Drops of Jupiter.

Bulb catalogs We have a catalog at home right now that we're going to order from. Which will help cross off one of the things on my To Do list--plant more flowers.

Finding just the right strand of hair to twirl around my finger And now the color looks good so it's even better!

Ok, it's like 1:30 a.m. I get on a plane in 9 hours. I should get some sleep.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Date

OMG, I'm waiting on the family to call me back but I did talk briefly to the Girl.

The Girl: Daddy said you wanted me to call and tell you about my date.
Me: Yeah.
The Girl: So, what do you want to know?
Me: Well, how did it go? (dying with excitement for her and butterflies in my stomach at the same time).
The Girl: I think it went well.
Me: !!!So what happened, tell me about it. (Wondering why she's not gushing with excitement to tell me every detail!!!)
Me: Was the movie good?
The Girl: Yeah, I liked it.
More prodding from me brought out that yes, the Boyfriend and her best friend were there and they sat together, Girl in the middle, and the Hubs and the Boy sat somewhere behind them.
She liked the movie but there were parts that "just weren't necessary" according to her--they saw The Bridge to Terebithia.
Me: So, did you hold hands?
The Girl: Yes.
Me: (this is like pulling teeth to get any info) so did you like it?
The Girl: Yes, it was nice.
Me: Did you reach for his hand or did he reach for yours?
The Girl: He was feeling around in the chair trying to find mine so he went first, it was near the end of the movie.
Me: What did Daddy say?
The Girl: He didn't say much. I told him we held hands and he said he was going to go whop him.
Me: He didn't try to kiss you did he? (Thinking if he did I'd have to get on a plane tonight and go kick his butt!)
The Girl: NO!

Talking to the Hubs I got the rest of the story. She wasn't all giddy and excited like I thought she'd be, didn't primp before going to the movies or anything. She did tell the Hubs that the Boyfriend had sweaty hands. I hope to get more details and the rest of the story tomorrow when I get home.

I hate travelling. So far I've been out of town twice when the Boy lost a tooth, his first two and now the Girl's first "date." I need to win the lottery so I can quit my job!

Also live from AZ

Most of you are all probably sound asleep since it's almost 3 a/m at home.

I'm so ready to come home, see the Boy's new haircut, cuddle up on the couch with the Hubs and watch some West Wing and find out how tomorrow's date with the Boyfriend went with the Girl. Being out of town blows most of the time. I always have a hard time falling asleep in hotels.

I did go to a casino tonight. After dinner a group was going to a nearby Indian reservation, which in itself makes me sad. Hey, sorry we stole all of your land but you can have this desolate piece of dirt in the middle of nowhere and you can run a gambling casino to make money. What was even more depressing was that it's a Monday night and the place was fairly packed with what looked to be locals. Gambling away their grocery money or daycare for the week.

I lost a whopping $20 on the slots. I don't know why I bother, I never win anything. It's such a scam.

When I got here the first day I got lost coming to the hotel. One thing I hate about traveling is renting a car and driving. First, it's not your car so you don't know where all the stuff is or anything about the car. Second, no matter how good your directions are (at least for me) I always turn one way when you're supposed to turn the other way. So I'm driving along and see a sign saying 300+ miles to L.A. at that point I realized I needed to turn around. Coming back the other way the sign said X miles to Tuscon. That made me smile because the Hubs joked that I should go visit his ex---the girl he dated seriously before he met me.

We'd actually talked about that before I came out here, not that I'd go see her but about exes etc. When we first started dating of course I hated her. I wanted to read all the letters she'd written him, know everything about her etc. but after awhile I got over that. I think I have a tendency to be a little possessive and jealous : ) Of course then we had to talk about my exes. But exes isn't really a good word because while I was in college and the Hubs and I were not dating, but still talking, I didn't necessarily "date" it was more like "visiting."

There was one guy, however, that the Hubs to this day said he'd like to kick his ass. Oddly enough I didn't really date him either since he had a girlfriend when we met and others during most of the time I knew him. We connected though but were much too much alike. He couldn't make up his mind what he wanted and I got tired of waiting.

I think one thing I realized when we were having that conversation is that opposites really do attract. You might initially be attracted to someone more like you, but that particular relationship never would have lasted. The Hubs and I are opposites in so many ways but I think that when everything is said and done you need someone who's your opposite to make you stronger, to fill in the gaps where you're lacking, to complete you. Being with someone who's too much like you leaves so many holes and leaves so much of life left unexplored. I think, for the most part, at least for me, there are really few people in your life who you can totally let your guard down with, who you feel completely comfortable with in every regard. Sure, you have best friends but even they don't know all of your secrets. It's the people in your life that know all the dirty laundry and who still love you that remain by your side.

Sorry, didn't mean to get philosophical but it's late, I am tired, but can't sleep.

I also think I'm having Van withdrawals. There's no CD player in the room and I can't get it to work on my laptop. I did get to hear 3 songs briefly today on the way to lunch. Which, brings me to another point--I have an addictive nature. It's hereditary.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Live from AZ

Well, if you're expecting a travel log description of AZ don't read this. I haven't seen much outside of the hotel, which is pretty nice actually, and the Tarjay down the road. I had to stock up on Pepsi and Chex Mix.
It is a pleasant 65 degrees here though.
I got on the plane at 7:20 am this morning--early flights should be outlawed. Flew 40 minutes to my connecting flight and then sat on the tarmac for an hour. Two things I hate--sitting on a plane while it's not moving and escalators, big escalators. They had these big escalators at the Phoenix airport. I opted for the elevator. Strange, I' m not afraid of heights but high escalators freak me the hell out.
I finished my trashy novel way too early in the flight, 3 hours left with nothing to read. It sucked. I snoozed.
The hotel room is more like an apartment, not posh, but large. I could have a party in here if there were people here I wanted to have a party with.
The dinner was fine. I would venture to say that I'm one of the youngest people here though.
I did try Diserona--I'm sure that's not the correct spelling. You've seen the commercial--the hotty bar tender is serving everyone Deserono? Diserona? in various ways and then the girl comes up and orders it on the rocks and sucks the ice cube. It was quite tastey but I didn't suck the ice cube and the bartender was about 100 years old.
I find it quite odd and somewhat unsettling when people I don't know come up and say hello because they recognize me from my job. Strange. Before I took over this job and they wanted to put my picture in the publication I felt weird, but now that it's in there every month I feel even more exposed. I was never one of those writers who wanted to be recognized, I'm so much better behind the scenes. Some day when I write my incredible novel I want IT to be well received but I don't like being in the limelight at all.
I always thought it would be cool to be an interviewer like James Lipton or Charlie Rose, but they're on TV and I'd hate that.
Also, I'm working on a laptop and think I need to have one of these things. I like the way it sounds when I type.
I also hate when I'm at these type of things and people tell me something followed by, but that's off the record! Don't fucking tell me something that I can't write about, it does me no good. I like knowing stuff but if I can't write about it, really, what good does it do me?
Curious to see how the rest of this little conference plays out and what I'll get out of it.
Tuesday at home should be fun. It's movie night for school and the Hubs is taking the Girl and the Boy. Catcher here is that the Boyfriend will be there and the Girl wants to sit with him and not with the Hubs and the Boy. She actually just wanted to be dropped off at the movies--uh, fuck no. She's only 10! I wonder if they'll hold hands? I hate I'm missing that.
Friday I took the day off and actually went and got my hair done. I get it cut from time to time but usually color it myself, which is a huge mistake. I think it's because the only time I've ever had it colored, styled, etc. was by my aunt (who does hair) and other places intimidate me. Thus I've had hair that obviously looks like I colored it myself. So anyway, I got it colored, it looks more natural, and when they were styling it they straightened it. For some reason, after I had kids, my hair became curly, like wildly curly. But I must say, it looked pretty awesome after the three hours I spent in the chair. I may just have to try straightening it myself from time to time, though the Hubs does like that wild curly look.
What is it about guys and wild hair? I guess it goes back to that saying they that's something like men like a lady around the house and a whore in the bedroom? I don't know. It's just hair for God's sake.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

La Petite Mort

slowly the swirling starts
reaching higher
you crest a wave,
it breaks gently and
the swirling begins again
taking you to a new
the swirling starts
to gather speed and
and it crests again
and you're floating
and once more the swirling begins
higher, faster, like
you're on fire
and you keep going even
when you think you can't and
the final wave crests and
you're particles shatter,
turning to dust for
a split second, like
the blink of an eye
you feel whole and empty at the same time
nothingness and everythingness at the same time
and gradually all the molecules come back together
to form what was your body
and you collapse--transcended

Almost done

The bathroom remodel is almost done. The Hubs had to go out of town last night and hopefully tonight he'll rest a little, but this is the progress so far.
This is the pedestal sink, it still needs hooked up and secured, but I think it looks great. Brushed nickel hardware.

This is the low profile toilet; guess I'll inherit the clear blue seat because it just doesn't go in here now. Yes, that's Meow in the corner.

This is a good shot of the floor, new baseboards and wall (and Meow!). My favorite part I have to say are the baseboards and the floor. He did a kick ass job!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feeling the love

I have comments! I'm so excited! Yeah!

I'm glad you all like the colors, it really does look much better in person. The Hubs didn't make any progress last night though, much to his chagrin. He's set his own time table and last night he intended to lay the tile. However, yesterday his recliner came in : )

He took a little snooze in it and I didn't have the heart to wake him. He's off today though and is laying tile. This could be a challenge because for as laid back as he is the Hubs is a little obsessive/compulsive about the oddest things, like symmetry and even numbers and stuff like that. He wants to make sure the tiles are perfect.

I'll take pictures tonight and post the progress.

My SIL (sister-in-law) is reading now and I have to come up with a code name for her. I thought Special K but can't use that one because that's what I call our Australian Shepard Keely. She's a little "special" and my SIL isn't "special" in that way! LOL She could be the Aunt, but she' s not my Aunt. Actually, she should get an award for putting up with my brother who recently brought a dog home from the vet WITHOUT asking first!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

5:49 P.M. Sunday

Though the lighting isn't the greatest the wall is painted. The square in the corner is what the new floor will look like.

I have to say, despite the issues that have come up, the Hubs is doing a pretty good job. He's handy, I have to give him that. And he's busting his butt on this. The only thing I've done is sweep the floor : )

Saturday, February 17, 2007

3:24 P.M.

Progress is being made, however we have now discovered that there's some drain thing in the wall that was hidden by the sink cabinet. Not a problem you might say except the Hubs is putting in a pedestal sink. He's talking of building a box to cover it. I'm skeptical.

We have also discoverd that the placement of the sink means that the mirror and lights on either side of the mirror will now be off center. This does not sound good.

The hole has been fixed though. See? No more hole.

See? No more toilet either. It's sitting in the garage. Fortunately we have another bathroom or this could get ugly real fast.

Point of no return

The bathroom remodel has begun--12:05 Saturday. The cabinet and floor have, so far, proven to be a tad more challenging than the Hubs originally anticipated. Apparently the cabinet is very securely attached to the wall.

Yes, if you look closely that dark spot is not paint. It is a hole. A hole in my bathroom wall. I am starting to become concerned.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Miss me?

Ok, been a little busy this week so Happy Valentine's Day and all that jazz. Let's play catch up.

VDay was nice. I got mushy cards (yes, I cried), candy and flowers at work. I don't think guys know just how much women like getting flowers at work--it rocks. I have no idea why it rocks but it does. We went out to dinner and the kids weren't TOO terrible and it was a great night.

The Girl got not one but two little stuffed animals from the Boyfriend (she gave him one and a small box of candy) and the next day he gave her a long stemmed red rose (smart boy). She doesn't talk incessantly about him, which I can't decide if that's good or bad, but they are still boyfriend/girlfriend.

My friend Donut said something so very sweet to me the other day and she probably doesn't even realize it because I didn't make a big deal out of it at the time. We were talking about her upcoming wedding and that I'm going to do a reading and she said it was because I was such a good friend and I have such a good marriage. sniff sniff, I'm verklempt.

I guess in the grand scheme of things I do, though I'd never really stopped and thought about it. The Hubs and I had a rough start, off and on dating, me going off to college and deciding I needed to date other people, getting back together, getting married (and whoever tells you the first year of marriage is the best is a fucking idiot) and having kids. This year marks 15 years of marriage for us and I can honestly say these last two-three have been the best.

The Hubs is starting the bathroom remodeling project this weekend. New sink, toilet, floor, paint, hardware. I can't wait to see the finished product. It's pretty much the only room, aside from our bathroom, that we haven't painted or done something to since we moved in the house a few years ago. The last owners sponge painted it blue with a celestial border, which was fine and fun for the kids but I'm ready for a new look. I might even get creative and post a picture when it's done. I know, you could care less ; )

I'm curious about one thing--(well, that's a lie I'm curious about myriad different things) but I'm curious as to why people have stopped commenting. Is it getting boring? Am I not entertaining you? As much as I write this for me, it's so cathartic and a throw back to the years that I kept a journal, I do like feedback.

Van update--I'm still into Van and now have another CD to listen to; I think it's a greatest hits version. The Smile You Smile--sexy, listen to it now. I smell your sweet perfume and even touch your finger tips....

Tonight I get to enjoy (and I use that term VERY loosely) a Girl Scout sleepover with the Girl's troop. Yeah me. We're sleeping in a Quonset hut--metal building, concrete floor, limited heat with six 4th graders going wild.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Word preferences

So the Hubs and I are sitting around talking in between episodes of West Wing (for the record we're on our third round of watching the entire 7 seasons) and the talk turns to body parts and words.

Me: I don't like the word titties.
Him: Titties.
Me: Titties is gross; it sounds like a cow.
Him: No that's teets.
Me: They sound the same. I don't like breasts either, it sounds like chicken. I prefer boobs.
Him: I like boobs.
Me: Ok, so which do you prefer dick or cock?
Him: Actually as long as 'I want to suck your' comes before it I don't care what you call it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

One of my biggest fears

This is from Writer's Almanac this morning:

The Psychiatrist Says She's Severely Demented
by Bobbi Lurie from Letter from the Lawn: Poems by Bobbi Lurie.

But she's my mother.
She lies in her bed, Hi Sweetie, she says.
Hi Mom. Do you know my
I can't wait for her answer, I'm Bobbi.
Oh, so you found me again,
she says.
Her face and hair have the same gray sheen
Like a black and white drawing smudged on the edges.
The bedspread is
hot pink, lime green. Her eyes,
Such a distant blue, indifferent as the sky. I put my hand
On her forehead. It is soft, and she resembles my real mother
Who I have not spoken to in so many years.
I want to talk to her as her
eyes close.
She is mumbling something, laughing to herself,
All the sadness she ever had has fled.
And when she opens her eyes
again, she stares through me
And her eyes well up with tears.
And I stand there lost in her
Which feels almost exactly like love.

One of my biggest fears is that I'll get Alzheimer's like my maternal grandmother and my paternal great grandmother. I suspect my paternal grandmother has it too though right now it could just be senility. I was young when my great grandmother had it so it wasn't as devastating and I didn't really understand it. I just knew when we'd go to visit her that she'd ask for candy bars from my Paw-Paw (her son) and she'd think I was my aunt. My Maw-Maw was diagnosed with it but thankfully, if you can say such a thing about death, she died before she got to the point where she didn't recognize us. That really would have devastated me as she was my favorite. The last time we saw her was the spring I got pregnant with the Boy. She was in the hospital and we went to visit her. The Girl (who was 2 at the time) climbed up in Granny's bed and sang to her (she loved Granny and of course Granny doted on her since she was the first great grandkid) and we told her we were having another baby. She was excited and happy. OK, enough of that because I'm getting verklempt.

Anyway, my biggest fear is that if I get it I won't die before I go off the deep end and my kids and the Hubs will have to suffer through it. I think initially, before you forget everything, it's worse on the person who has it, but in the final stages it's worse on the people they love. If I get to that point someone just hand me a big bottle of pills please.

Odds and ends:
The Hubs is having some back pain lately and this weekend I tried to give him some Advil because that would make it better. Being the Hubs he said, for guys, there are only two things that fix everything--a recliner and a blow job. If you get a blow job in a recliner you're set for life.

We're getting a new recliner : ) he he

Friday, February 9, 2007


Van fans check this out:

Into the Mystic

If you aren't groovin' with me on this Van Morrison high, it's ok, but you might not want to read CF for a little while. I'm in the zone and I can't contain it. I'm listening to it 24/7 just about.

How can you hear this without FEELING it?

We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic
Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic
And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home
And when the fog horn blows I want to hear it
I don't have to fear it
And I want to rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
And magnificently we will flow into the mystic
When that fog horn blows you know I will be coming home
And when that fog horn whistle blows I got to hear it
I don't have to fear it
And I want to rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
And together we will flow into the mystic
Come on girl...
Too late to stop now...

Last night we were listening to Van while making dinner, I was like on a natural high or something, cooking with the Hubs, chopping cilantro, listening to VM and the kids come in the kitchen and start dancing. They're groovin' on it too and the Boy said, Who wrote this? I said, Van Morrison. He said, I like it! : ) And for that 20-30 minutes everything was right with the world. It's moments like that when you realize what you're here for I think.

I'm probably unusual when it comes to music though. I don't think many people get as involved in music as I do. Sure people might have their favorite albums or artists but I get consumed by it, reading the lyrics, listening, singing, swaying, feeling. I'm a freak !: )

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Apples and wine

I shared this with many of you the other day:
Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree.
Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of
falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the
ground that aren't as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is
wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for
the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the
way up to the top of the tree.

Now men ... men are like fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's
up to women to stomp the crap out of them until they turn into something
acceptable to have dinner with.

My Ninja friend had this response:

Sometimes the good apples fall from the tallest part of the tree, gathering
speed and sheer force, and then crash into the innocent grape minding his
own business in the shade below. The poor grape, still dazed from the
tremendous blow to the head, is faced with the most frustrating question of
all from the apple...."Why aren't you wine yet?"

In reality I guess women do have it best and we do control most everything. Aside from being able to pee standing up, not having long lines in the bathroom, being considered sexy even when over 50 and getting paid more for the same jobs, it really would suck to be a guy. We have what they want and that ultimately gives us the power : )

We are women--hear us ROAR! (or purr!) ; )

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Flying high

This whole Van Morrison discovery has me flying high today (ok or maybe it's that the Hubs is coming home today, or it could be the bi-polar thing kicking in) so you may get several blog posts despite the fact that I have an ass-load of work to do.

I get daily emails of quotes and writer's stuff and this was in my email today. I thought it apprapo considering lyrics lure me into music.

"The Lyric" by Tom Clark, from Light & Shade: New and Selected Poems. © Coffee House Press. Reprinted with permission.

The Lyric
lament, sorrow and wild
joy commingle in
the lyric — a collective
sigh of relief comes cascading
out of the blue —
a yearning to submerge
in life like the swimmer
in the pool forgetful
immersed and quenched —
water trailing scattered
diamonds in a rustling
voice of resigned subsidence
as though in the same stroke
everyone alive were speaking through you —

Side note--though Rod is coming in May I might not get to see him. Cheap tickets are starting at $100--WTF?

Crazy love

I felt like I've been under a musical rock, in a dark, empty cave, that is until this morning when I found a Van Morrison CD (Moondance) that my friend Big T had recorded for me quite awhile ago.

Where has he been all my life? Turn it up--a little bit higher, radio, so you know...ok, sorry listening and typing. I'm excited. His voice is incredible, lyrics like honey, melody like smooth chocolate. I think he may just rival Marvin (Gaye that is) for sensual music. Why is Barry White always synonymous with music to hump by? Have people not discovered Van Morrison? Let's get the word out people! Your mission, if you've not experienced Van Morrison, and I'm not talking just casually listening to it, I'm talking experiencing it, do so NOW.

We were born before the we sail into the mystery...mmmmmmmmmm


Question--I'm wondering if women typically prefer male singers and men female singers? This seems to be true at least in my house. Is it because your musical preferences (for the most part) are formed during your own formative years (teens) and at that time its the looks of the singer that also draw you in? Don't know. I know that most of the music I listen to--Rod, Motown, Train, Counting Crows, (now) Van, etc. are all male with distinctive voices. This is not to say I don't love me some Carly Simon, Tina Turner or Cyndi Lauper or Nora Jones (very soulful) but the day to day listening pleasure comes from male singers. The Hubs prefers girl bands--I think he'd jump for joy if the Bangles got back together : ) Is it the pheromones talking or is it because that's what attracted you to music as a teen or is it something else? Interesting. Ponder that awhile.

Total non sequitors:
1. If you read the previous post about my folks and got depressed or felt like saying, oh, I'm so sorry for you, don't. Really, it was not written to get sympathy, just to expose the patheticness (is that a word? not according to spellcheck) that often surrounds me. I know for a fact that pretty much all families have some level of dysfunction. We children of dysfunctional families band together, this is one reason I'm an honorary member of my friend TL's family : ) When you share these stories that no one in their right mind is likely to believe it somehow makes you feel better to realize that as fucked up as your own family is you aren't rowing that boat alone.

2. I have discovered and love cilantro. I think I'd chop that shit up and eat it in just about anything now. I must admit that while I'm totally over the traveling I do for work and would not shed a tear if I never had to do it again, it has exposed me to things I'd never tried before. Sushi, edamame, guacamole, dirty martinis, bagels w/ lox (who knew cream cheese, salmon, capers and tomatoes were so freakin' yummy?) and lychee nut martinis. I also discovered that as much as I love spinach I don't like fried spinach. That's just wrong on way too many levels.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

This was my day

The Hubs went out of town yesterday and will be home tomorrow so naturally I ended up getting up even later than usual. I don't know why this happens, but on the rare occasion that he's the one out of town I invariably oversleep. He, on the other hand does better getting up and out in the morning when I'm not here. Go figure.

So I get halfway ready, drop the kids off at school, come home, finish getting ready, feed the animals and head out. Whew.

At lunch I had to run by my folks' house because I'd left something there Sat. I wasn't really paying attention to the time until I pulled in the driveway and noticed my Dad was home. He works a horrible shift, 4 a.m.-noon. It was like 1:15 p.m. So I ring the bell and low and behold he's there and damned if I didn't smell Jim Beam on his breath. You know it's sad and pathetic when you stop by your parents' house in the middle of the day and your Dad is drinking.

I guess I shouldn't have been shocked, it's not like he just met alcohol on the street on his way home from work. He's been drinking every since I can remember actually. And Mom and my sister had both said he drinks when he gets home then goes to bed. Normally my Dad is not very talkative or personable, but when he drinks he's quite the opposite (but aren't we all really when we drink?). So he's talking about work and his medicines etc. and I asked him why he didn't switch shifts at work, you know to one that doesn't include being to work at 4 a.m. in the morning, because y'all know I hate mornings. He said he thought Mom liked it better this way. Basically because they don't see each other; he's in bed when she gets home from work and he's off to work when she gets up in the morning. Why do people live like that? If your life is that sad and that fucking awful why not just get divorced so maybe at least one of you could be happy??? Of course she's been threatening this forever--the first time I remember it I was in second grade and was ecstatic because it meant we'd get to move in with my Grandma. But she wimped out and stayed, just like always.

My parents depress me if I think about them too much. If I were a better person I'd be able to forgive them for everything they've screwed up or feel something towards them other than an obligation. I truly envy people who like their parents and enjoy being around them. I guess I could look on the bright side and say they at least produced 2 out of 3 good kids and if nothing else they serve as the prime example of how not to be parents or a married couple.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Late night

Well, I thought the title of this post would be I've met the Boyfriend, but alas he did not show up at skate night. We had a moment of drama after we'd been there about 30 minutes and the Girl realized neither the Boyfriend nor her best friend were coming. She cried for a few minutes, pouted for about 20 and then all was ok. I did feel badly for her though, she was so disappointed.

I told my brother about my blog today. I thought I'd told him a year or so ago (has it really been that long ago that I started this?) but I guess not. Anyway I think he's going to read it so I should send him some props! : )

My brother and I have had an on and off friendship for most of our lives. I've written before about how I was distraught when he was born and how I pretended to be a twin one time, but there were so many other good/bad times. Basically after our sister was born I didn't like him because he picked on her and I saw myself as her caretaker. Then I went to college and I guess we both grew up. We had a few fun road trips, well, he probably didn't think the one was very fun. I was hung over as hell and driving home 5 hours with him in the car. I fell asleep in a tunnel and almost sent us over the side of a mountain. We have a lot of little history stories like that, the ones you always tell. After we were both married we went through some rough times and didn't speak for more than a year it seems, but after that our families became close. Initially I think we were drawn together because of a common enemy (though enemy is too strong of a word)--our parents and sister, but that passed after awhile and now we just genuinely enjoy each other's company. At least I think they enjoy our company!

His son is a year younger than the Boy and it's so amazing to see my Brother in his son. He's become a great dad, though there were a few times in the first year I wanted to brain him. Going to a football game on my Sister-in-Laws first Mother's Day! Boy be ashamed! : ) And my Sister-in-Law--she's a terrific mother. She's one of those moms that you can look at and tell they enjoy being with their kids. She's very quiet most of the time but I feel like she's come out of her shell a lot with us, or maybe it was just us getting to know her better. It's funny because when we're all sitting around a family get togther and, as our family is likely to do, throwing veiled insults at each other she'll nonchalantly zing one in there and every's just like, really? she said that! And dammit she always gets away with it!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

11:34 pm thoughts

We went to my folks house for my nephew's birthday today. I feel like Jeff Foxworthy could do a whole stand up show about my family sometimes. Yes, it is Feb. 3 and my parents STILL have their Christmas lights up. The tree is down but the outside lights and the plastic Santa are still on display. I don't think they light them, please God I hope they don't, but just the same they're hanging. There's also a mattress and box springs on the side of their house. They live out in the county but right on a heavily trafficked road. They have plenty of room in their driveway area for 6-7 cars and yet sometimes they pull right into the yard, parallel to the house. I guess this makes it easier to get into the house since the bushes in front of the porch have all but grown over the sidewalk. Oh, and there's a LOVELY almost 3 foot, painted eagle statue on the front porch. Yep, I'm proud.

What amazes me about my parents and their lifestyle is that I don't understand it. My Dad came from a house where nothing was ever out of place. My Grandma never worked outside the home and kept an immaculate house. My Dad retired from the army where discipline ruled the day, everything had a place, order was necessary, etc. Our house was clean when I was growing up, my Mom worked off and on, but since we were in the army (because it's not just the service member in the army it's the whole family) and moved so much it was hard for her to have one job for a long time. When they retired they bought their first house. You'd think, having lived in government quarters all their married life, that once they bought their very own house they'd take care of it, take pride in it and enjoy fixing it up. Nope.

My house isn't immaculate like my Grandmother's used to be (she's a little too old to take care of all that now, plus smoking God knows how many packs a day in a closed up house tends to make a house nasty) but for the most part, most of the time it's clean. With two kids there's always something that needs picked up etc. but it's not dirty. Same with my brother's house.

Everyone is asleep. I could continue reading my latest Stephen King book, Lisey's Story but I don't feel like reading right now. You'd think with the ridiculous number of channels I could find something to watch on TV, but no. I just finished watching a wedding cake decorating challenge on Food Network. I think if I watched that station enough I might actually like to cook. I love Good Eats and the Iron Chef challenges and anytime they make cakes anywhere. Very fascinating. I think people who decorate cakes really are just artists who use another medium, which happens to be edible.

Friday, February 2, 2007

OMG! Rod's coming!!!

Ok, if you've just found Creative Kerfuffle you may not know of my Rod love.

I've seen him twice in concert so far and he's coming to my state!!!

Ok, I'm calming down now, but ROD IS COMING!!!

My fear is that he will only sing the "new" stuff he's been doing lately. Don't get me wrong, Rod's voice singing anything is enough to melt the South Pole, but I don't want to listen to him sing big band crap all night.

When he was married to that bitch Rachel they were the Hubs and my swap couple.

I realize he's getting a bit old now (shut up) and in all honesty he's not as physically attractive, I know, I can't believe I even said that! But in the 80s--oh--my--God--he was HOT!

So I will go see him in May.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Boyfriends, NY and Poetic Justice

The Girl still has a boyfriend. She has given him her phone number. She has plans to buy him a Valentine present. I don't know if I'll make it through her teen years.

I went to NY and gave my presentation. I was scared shitless pretty much the whole week before; worried about everything. Would I have too few people there too many people there would I flub it up etc. Turns out it went fine even though I had a total of 7 attendees. At least it's done and I didn't throw up on stage.

A few interesting things happened while I was in the Big Apple. It was cold, first time I've been there in Jan. glad I don't go there a lot in Jan. Too cold. So the first night I'm in the hotel room and of course am having trouble getting to sleep, I'm in the bathroom taking off my makeup and hear the guy next door peeing and talking to what I assumed was his wife on the phone.

This was the conversation:
Yes, this is my last drink. Yes, I promise. Yes I'm going to finish watching this movie and go to bed.

All the while there's peeing in the background. Nice.

Next morning I'm getting in the shower and here a woman in the room with the man. The guy from the night before could have checked out I suppose and someone else checked in pretty quickly, but I doubt it. I think I aurally witnessed cheating.

One night as we were waiting for a cab in front of our hotel we noticed a S.W.A.T. team milling around. Of course we were nosey, not every day you see a S.W.A.T. team. There also was a black suburban with tinted windows double parked in front of the hotel and two guys with ear pieces standing by it. The S.W.A.T. team had big assed automatic weapons, helmuts and masks on so you could only see their eyes. The guns were not slung over their shoulders--they were holding them like they were ready to blow someone's head off. I was not comforted when the bellhop told us it was nothing to worry about because the cops as he called them, camped out at different hotels for an hour or so, just for security. I'm not buying it. Something was going down. the hotel was nice but it wasn't like some swanky place someone famous would stay so I'm curious about the suburban and its passenger as well. Drama.

I did get to visit with my friend TL in NY. I missed going to dinner with him because of work obligations but we did get to have coffee and catch up on "family" business.

Getting back home was good. Got home, Hubs came home, we took a nap and then it was off to a Scout meeting. The Boy participated in his first Pinewood Derby. If you ever have boys and they want to do this, beware. These races are really for the dad's who never let go of that competitive redneck streak they had in high school. The Hubs was shocked and disappointed that so many dads took over making the cars, something the boys are supposed to do. The Boy did 95% of the work on his car while other dads wouldn't even let their kids touch the damn things. The Hubs warned the Boy ahead of time he wasn't going to win but the fun came in making his own car etc. I was proud of the Boy because his car did win 3 out of 120 heats and he didn't throw a fit about it.

Last night we had a bit of poetic justice.
For the last several months the Hubs has been wearing two huge hats at work. One hat he's worn for about seven years and the other he's just worn about six months. Anyway, the old hat got passed off to someone else so the Hubs can concentrate on the new hat. This is much like what I went through last April when I traded in job hats. You're sad to leave the job you know you were good at and take on a new job you're not quite sure of and unclear of your direction. I so understand what he's going through. The poetic justice comes in that last night we watched the final episode of West Wing. The inauguration of the new president. Damned if I didn't cry : )