Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm raising a DIVA

For those of you who know me in real life you know I am the furthest thing from a fashion diva. Apparently I have screwed up somewhere along the way (well, hell I coulda told ya that--shut up, no more voices!) and God has given me a child that goes against every fashion feeling I have.

The Girl is a DIVA. There, I've said it; it's true. The other day we were shopping for shoes. We were all getting some sandals, flip flops, ya know, summery types of things. So we picked out The Boy's new tennis shoes, he goes through them so quickly, all the super hero action duties take their toll on shoes, and sandals and flip flops and The Girl all the while was trying on sandals. Not cute little flowery things, low to the ground or anything--her goal with shoes is something with a heel that makes noise and if it's sparkly, bring it on. She ended up with sparkly metallic purple sandals with a low heel and some flip flops.

Then I started looking at shoes. My goal with shoes is that they are comfortable and not horribly ugly. The Girl tried to up my style quotient and brought out all kinds of stuff for me to try on. Two-inch heels, yeah, great market shoes there kid, plastic see through heels with lights in them, glitter covered heels, etc. It was pretty funny. I settled on some low comfortable shoes and she just shook her head and I could almost hear the tsk tsking and eye rolling.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A little this and that

I know it's been a long time since my last post, but damn I've been busy. I'll try to catch you up to speed.

March 31--the kids and I went to visit Auntie. It was nice to see her and the family. Regardless of where I've ever lived, there's a sense of nostalgia that always envelops me when I cross the border into WV. Driving down the highway is like driving back in time as memories creep in. I always think of my Grandpa who died when I was in high school. I think of my Grandma who died the year the Boy was born. I think of all the stupid things I did in college and wonder how I lived another day. In a weird way I feel like the Boy sometimes channels my Grandpa, who he of course never knew. My Grandpa had this habit of not wearing a shirt. Sitting around in the evenings watching TV or whatever he'd have on pants and no shirt, I think he was hot natured. I've never told the Boy he did that, but for some reason this year the Boy has taken to coming in from daycare and taking off his shirt. It's pretty funny. We had a good time in WV, Auntie kicked my ass at Scrabble (naturally), we skipped rocks in the Ohio river and she colored my hair : )

Oh, and I found out they're making a movie with Matthew McConaughey about the Marshall University (go herd--my alma mater) plane crash of the 70s. There's a fountain on campus dedicated to the victims--football team and others died in plane crash on the way to or from a game, very tragic--the same fountain I ended up in many moons ago after drinking Purple Jesus.

April 3--started the new job. I walked in literally as the person leaving walked out, no overlap at all and the only other person on staff was out on medical leave. I sort of twiddled my thumbs the first few days, wondering what the hell I'd gotten in to. I'm still wondering but getting a little more settled in. I can do this I think. Initially when they told me the pay increase I was like, sweet, I can live with that. I got my first paycheck. After Uncle Sam, the State and everyone else dipped their paws into my check the increase is not as I expected. Granted it's more than I was making, but for the amount of work I'm not sure it's a true indicator of what I deserve. LOL

April 8--I finally met my good friend Donut's boy. I like him, he's funny and smart and they are a cute couple. My Boy, who's had a crush on Donut since the day he met her, was thrilled she was coming to dinner. I'd explained a few months ago that she had a boyfriend and was probably getting married in the next couple of years. The Boy was fine with that at the time. When I told him Donut was coming for dinner he decided he'd need to take a shower and get ready. When I told him Donut's boyfriend, I'll call him Jelly, was coming he said, Well, I guess I don't need a shower now. When they arrived he pretty much ignored Jelly and spent the evening writing Donut notes and poems. It was sweet.

We've been in full spring project mode around the house, which is good and bad. Good because I like seeing the progress but bad because I feel like we never have any down time now. The Hubby is painting the outside of the house (well, it's a brick house but there is some wood to paint anyway) and I've been painting the shutters. We put up the wedding plaque, it looks great. He's pressure washed almost every surface he could find, also looks great. I've planted about 70 bulbs--peonies (btw, the peonies I got from my Grandma's yard last summer are coming up, I'm so happy!), liatris, cannas, lilies, hollyhocks (because that's the street we live on!) and phlox. My goal is to be an old lady with a yard full of flowers!

I'm finding in my new job that being the boss is more difficult than I remember, especially when you step into a position where the staff liked and is still friends with the outgoing boss who I've come to find out was pretty much worthless. She left too many things undone and seemingly in her last several months on the job was preparing for a freelance career and neglecting the job she had. I hope I am cut out to walk the fine line of getting people to do what you want them to do without pissing them off. I also certainly feel more of a sense of responsibility and ownership and find that whereas before when I left the office at 5 o'clock I didn't give work a second thought, and now when I'm leaving around 5:30 I still worry about work. Well, not worry really, just ponder, to use one of the Hubby's words.

On the dysfunctional family front--My sister has finally moved out of the house and into her own apartment with her kids. This is good and bad. Good that she's trying to be an adult but bad because I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall and something bad to happen as has been her motis operandi (sp?) for years. My Dad, on the other hand, has made about a 180 degree change in his personality. He actually socializes with us now when we're at family gatherings, he came to my house for Easter when my Mom and sister abandoned him to go to an aunt's house and despite everything my Mother does and has said about him he is loyal to her. Despite the fact that for most of my life my Dad has been an incredible asshole and done many, many unforgivable things I am feeling more compassionate toward him these days. My brother had a real heart to heart with Dad a few months ago and got a side of the story on lots of different things that we never knew. The older I get the more I see that my Mom is a great manipulator, though she plays the role of a martyr better than anyone I've ever known. She's spent her life turning us against our Dad, though it still doesn't excuse a lot of the things he's done and said. It's like this basically, with Dad you get what you see, you know he's an ass and can be hateful and bad; with Mom she plays this poor pitiful me role and tells half truths and lies to make herself look better and she has no loyalty to anyone except herself.

I think I've covered most of the major things. Oh, Rod is going to be on American Idol tonight : ) Yes, I know, sad that he's doing something so beneath his talents, but I guess I have to realize he is getting older.