Thursday, May 10, 2012


things around here had been moving along, busy, but even-keeled for a while. granted our days were full--with the boy's karate and the girl's play (she's been in rehearsals for months for her first high school play that just wrapped up at the end of april)--but the hubs and i were in a rut. everyone gets in those damn things, but it's really hell when you're both in one at the same time.

the universe decided to help us out a bit by throwing some things at us. in the course of a month (give or take) i had the hubs at the er for a possibly broken, but certainly bloody, big toe thanks to an encounter w/ a fountain. (he caught part of a fountain from the backyard w/ his toe; not broken, but gruesome; he's just back to wearing shoes now); we had the girl at the er this weekend because she passed out (5 hours and the dr tried to tell me it was the sight of blood that made her faint; thankfully a follow up w/ her pediatrician proved that she was dehydrated); our air conditioner has gone out (again); the vacuum is on the fritz (not a good thing w/ four animals); and i'm killer busy at work.

all of this was going on (as well as smaller things like i got a splinter under my fingernail, the iron wasn't working for a day, etc.) oh and i got the girls smooshed again. i am waiting on the results and trying not to worry about it since last year there was a lump, which they discounted as being anything bad, but still, it's there.

yesterday i scored free tickets to cats tomorrow night--the girl and i are going. i think she'll love it. the hubs also (possibly) scored an all-expense paid trip for two to a foreign country in august. our hurdle is getting his passport--our hurdle for that is getting his birth certificate (he was born on an army base outside of the us and his dad has none of his early childhood records/important papers). i now there are ways to do this, just not sure we can get them done before august. i will not get my hopes up about a possible awesome trip that would be my 20th anniversary trip. (yeah, we'll be married 20 years this fall).

so the universe is trying to balance things out. i like that shit.