Tuesday, December 4, 2007


i know many of you noticed the changed look of this thing but don't know if you noticed i changed somethings on the side too. words i like. well, i thought i was being sooooo smart in putting those words up there. it was a random list, i was most likely medicated, but they were words i like saying/hearing/using.

someone asked me about perfundity. hmmm, honestly i had no idea what it meant, i just liked the sound of it. apparently i was wayyyyyy off base but in such an ironic way i had to share. the word is not perfundity (though i swear i feel like i've heard it somewhere) it is profundity! how's that for a nice kick in the pants? see? i told you i'm not smart! LOL

so it's tuesday morning, just got the kids off to school and the hubs at the doctor (getting diagnosed w/ bronchitis no doubt) and me off to work. yippee.

btw for those of you in the general viewing area the upcoming holiday celebration is cancelled. i will be sending out a formal cancellation notice but just a heads up. too much sickness around these parts and we're not party-prepared, plus the hubs most likely will leave sat. and i don't want to party w/out him.

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