Thursday, December 20, 2007

7 things you might not know about me

ok, well i know those of you who read all the time or know me in person might nod off on this one--what? another effing post where she blathers on about herself? sheesh--talk about an egomaniac. ok, well, if you don't want to read don't.

here goes--7 things you might not know about me

1. i have shot a gun. ok, rifle or shotgun, like i know the difference. the first time i think was when i was in middle school. we lived in pennsylvania (dad was on recruiting duty) and as part of our curriculum we had gun safety. we also learned about hunting--ok, animals you hunt like deer and pheasant, etc. i don't remember the details. it was weird. anyway, part of the course was to go to a firing range and shoot clay pigeons. i think my science (because yes, this came under the "science" part of school, teacher just wanted to shoot stuff.) the second time was when my dad let us fire one of my grandpa's long guns (rifle, shotgun i don't know) out on mud river (yes, this is a real place in wv) and it almost knocked me down. just for the record--i hate guns.

2. i so desperately want to learn how to cook vegetables that my family will eat. and i'm not buying that damn book jerry seinfeld's wife wrote just based on principle.

3. there are silver linings to the hubs being gone last week, as traumatic and hard as it was emotionally. the first is that i think the girl and i became a little closer. the second is that it had been awhile since the hubs was the one out of town for a long period of time and i realized how much i missed him, love him, need him. sometimes for me there are almost palpable movements in relationships when you can literally feel yourself crossing into a new plane/zone, whatever, and i feel like i did that with the hubs and the girl.

4. i haven't figured out how i feel about religion. i believe in god but i think i adjust my way of thinking about him to fit my life. i don't necessarily believe in the bible. i don't really trust organized religion. i basically believe that god sees what's in your heart, knows you and your thoughts and judges you accordingly.

5. i know i am a horrible and evil, thoughtless person at times. for example. i have one living grandpa and one living grandma (not married to each other). they were married to my favorite grandparents, who are dead. i do not often speak to or see either of them (one lives out of state and one lives 15 miles from me). however, neither do they or have they ever, called/tried to connect with me. in the dark corners of my mind i wonder if i will cry when they die because for me now it's like they're already dead. i know! i know it's hideous and mean and ugly but there ya go.

6. i have a jar of pecan praline sauce in my fridge (it was part of a gift basket) that i'm dying to pour on something yummy but can't decide what that should be.

7. if i ever went back to school, these are the types of classes i would like to take: creative writing; pottery; latin; literature; weaving (decorative arts classes); painting; photography and i would like to take poetry.

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Anonymous said...

Put the pecan praline sauce on pound cake and ice ream. Yum!

Sweet T