Friday, December 28, 2007

taking stock

here was my 2007 to do list and, though it is not yet jan. 1 i will address it since i doubt i will have accomplished anything else before then.

start listening to jazz * (doing if Van counts)---i think i probably like the idea of liking jazz more than i would actually like jazz. i am content with the fact that i learned about van this year and, thanks to, i have discovered a few other groups like cold play and some others i can't name right this second.

find a new author to read * Anita Shreve ---i have read anita this year plus the kite runner. however, i've not read nearly what i think i should have read this year and i'm sure there will be something involving reading on my 2008 to do list.

paint something ---hmmm, i haven't painted anything this year but i did a lot of coloring so i'm counting that : )

lose 30 pounds (I'm pacing myself)---ok, i sort of addressed this already. i don't think i've lost 30 pounds this year but i have lost some and i'm happy with that.

quit smoking ---uh, no but we aren't talking about it earnestly again.

plant more flowers in my yard * Yes, but this will be an ongoing thing. ---we planted a lot of things this year and the hubs built a new flower bed, complete w/ my bird girl of Savannah statue.

figure out how to get music on the Girl's MP3 player she got for Christmas---ok, this i do still hope to do before new year's eve, if only for the principle of the thing.

develop all film and put all pictures in albums ---dammit, no i didn't. this will migrate to the 2008 list.

clean out all my closets ---this actually might happen because i only have one left and that's my closet. this might squeak in and get done by the end of the year.

take a REAL vacation (ie out of town) ---hmmmm, we did go to the beach this year for spring break and it was wonderful, albeit short.

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