Wednesday, December 26, 2007


ya know, you'd think i'd learn about trying to shop with two kids in tow. i thought i was being smart this time by letting them shop for what they wanted before i shopped for what i wanted. the boy used his allowance to get two captain underpants books. the girl bought yet another webkinz. i looked at holiday stuff.

i love me some holiday stuff. omg the wrapping paper and cards and ornaments and stuff! all at least 50% off. however, all of this wonderful stuff is on sale right after christmas when you don't have the freaking money to spend on it! dammit!!! i did get the hubs one of those inflatable yard things cos it was $16. can you believe that? an 8 ft inflatable snowman for $16. i was good though and didn't buy one roll of oh-so--festive-and-loverly wrapping paper. i wanted to. i love wrapping paper. however, i realized when i got mine down from the attic this year that i have about 10 rolls and i know at least one of them is like 5 years old. : ) i have a little problem w/ wrapping paper.

i also bought some clothes w/ my christmas money from the fil. this was the part where i should have realized not to take the kids with me. the boy was picking out all sorts of hellaciously (too funny, spell check doesn't like hellaciously and instead suggests fallaciously, deliciously, hilariously, salaciously and lusciously) ugly stuff to show me and the girl was busy looking at the earrings for the pierced ears she does not have. trying stuff on was even MORE fun, if you can imagine. there's nothing like having two critics in a dressing room. that makes your butt look big mom (uh, like it doesn't look big enough all on it's own), that's too low cut mom, like i didn't realize that myself thank you very much. that's just plain ugly mom. ok dammit i'm done. pants. dear lord i hate pants. is it really too much to ask to have petite pants for women who do not wear a size 12? i'm short and fat and i know i'm not the only one out there so where are the clothes for us???? egad.

losing 30 pounds was one of my goals this year (i will address the others in a future end of year post) and though i don't think i did (cos i don't weigh myself except when i go to the doctor) i think i came close. i have done down two sizes since i was my heaviest, but that wasn't this year, maybe last year? i don't know. anyway, this year i have come to terms more with my body. i would like firmer boobs, but after nursing two kids that really isn't going to happen without surgery and i really am not going to do that. i want firmer body parts, ass, thighs, and hello--stomach, which i realize will not come without work. anyway, just when i was starting to feel like ok, i'm not all THAT bad, my mom showed pictures she took christmas eve and omg, i hate pictures of me. and the creme de la creme is that she took a shot of me from behind as i was picking up some of the kids' toys. yes, a nice huge ass shot. wtf???

it's about 3:30, the hubs will be home soon (he, poor baby, is not off with us this week) and i'm going to make a ham and listen to van, and maybe some justin.

tomorrow will be our cleaning day--i am going to de-ass my house, especially the boy's room. friday we're going to see alvin and the chipmunks w/ the nephew. at some point i have got to get something done to this head of hair. cutting it is the very least that needs done.

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