Monday, December 17, 2007

the professor, munchkin and shopping

the hubs is home safe and sound; with facial hair. it is fair to note that he's worn a moustache since i met him when he was 17. one time in the 25 years that i've known him, maybe twice, he's shaved the stash. i prefer the stash. there have been a few times where he's tried a beard or a goatee, but not for a long time. after a week of being in a hospital round the clock he didn't shave much and came home with the start of a beard. it's more than his weekend stubble but not a full beard. i have to say it's incredibly hot. he also found his glasses while he was driving across country, they were under his seat. there's something about the glasses and the stubble/beard together that make him look like a professor. a sexy hot professor.

i saw the first picture of munchkin today. donut had her first ultrasound. we don't now if it's a girl or boy, but it has all the working parts : ) it's hard to say a black and white image is cute, but knowing that it's munchkin it is.

the hubs and i did a little christmas shopping at lunch today and i did some after work while he took the kids to pick out their gift from his dad. i'd say except for a few gifts (like something, anything for my grandma) we're about done. i hate shopping for her. she likes nothing. collects nothing. her life is basically watching cnn all day. she's not into clothes or bath stuff or perfume, jewelry, candles, etc. she shows such little enthusiasm when she opens gifts so it's not like you're even inspired to try to get her something she'd like. any suggestions whatsoever would be appreciated.

i'm going to be off work all next week, actually until after new year's and still i'm going to lose about 3 vacation days and that's with carrying the max amount over (5 days). i have got to find a way to actually take advantage of all of my vacation/personal time next year. this will be the second year in a row i've lost time. maybe if we get everything wrapped up i can take thursday and friday off : ) eh, i doubt it. there's always something that needs attention.


Anonymous said...

Photos of the kids in a nice frame for the grandma. Can't say you don't like it!

Anonymous said...

yeah do the photo, easy, not too expensive and she can't say a dang word.

then take some VACATION!!!!

creative kerfuffle said...

i might do the photos. i just feel like i do that a lot w/ her. the hubs suggested a small digital frame (that we would go in on w/ someone--SIL : ) ) but i don't know about that either. thanks for the suggestions though. her bday is a few days after xmas so that doesn't help : )

nicrogers said...

For grandma the photo idea is good. Or you could go with food. Does she like candy? A gift card to a grocery store, slippers, how about an electric throw blanket? I have one(got it last christmas) and it is my favorite gift.

creative kerfuffle said...

food's a good idea, but not for her. she doesn't eat. no, seriously, the woman is maybe 4'7" and weighs like 80-90lbs. she has always been tiny and eats very little. she's one of those freaky people that doesn't like food (i know right? who the hell doesn't like to eat???). i might consider the electric throw but i'm already worried she'll burn down the house w/ her cigarettes. the hubs suggested a bottle of wine. this has 2 up sides--she drinks wine and it will be a little jab at my sis because she thinks granny is an alcoholic (the poor woman is pushing 80 and drinks a glass or two of wine a day, lay off!).
ah, the joy of holidays and family ; )