Friday, December 14, 2007

god reads my blog

ok, maybe not but i said i'd had enough and he heard.

today is like 180 degrees from last night. the fil made great strides today, so great in fact that they moved him out of icu and into a regular room. he's coughing, so the fluid on the lungs is working its way out and, thankfully, he's lucid.

the hubs left the hospital this morning, went back to the house, got some sleep and is now on the road on his way home. he's somewhere in arkansas tonight. he'll stop and spend the night and get home sometime tomorrow evening. omg i am so ready for him to be home. i'm so relieved his dad didn't die. i'm just so relieved.

work, eh, we had a christmas lunch, it was fine, the word is spreading at work that donut is pregnant. and, to borrow the girl's favorite saying...guess what? I get to be in the delivery room!!!!! OMG i'm so incredibly excited. i can't wait. i can't believe we have to wait like 6 more months. she's starting to show : ) too fucking cute! we laughed today when they were recognizing people who've been at the company for 20 years. we've both been there five years (almost 6 for me) and wondered if we'd be up there in 15 years being recognized. i said, uh, munchin will be 15. omg, the girl will be 25. (i'm going to faint). the boy will be 23. omg. my babies can not be that old. ok. lord help us if we're still at the same company. sadly, there aren't many other options. so i just realized that the boy will not be able to date munchkin--he'll be too old for her (that is if she is a her). 23 and 15, uh, no.

the boy just got home from his fun-filled day. the boy has a best friend that lives near us. they were in kindergarten together and have been thick as thieves since, despite the fact they haven't had the same class since then. they have the special handshake and they get along so well. and here is the sweetest thing---they are still at the age that it's ok for boys to hug. when we go to school events and they see each other they hug and do this crazy handshake thing. it melts my heart. they are in lego club together (once a month) and they hug when they see each other. i love it. so today J's mom picked both boys up from school, took them bowling, out for pizza and then to her house to hang out for J's birthday.

while they were doing that i left work a little early and picked up the girl. we went to dinner, a sit down dinner not drive thru. this year, since she's 10 ya know and NOT a kid, she experiments w/ ordering from the adult menu. tonight she got nachos (sans all the stuff that makes them good). she didn't like them. oh well, she tried. it was kinda neat to go out to dinner, just the two of us. she talked about school (she might get to be one of the two class representatives for student council--three people are running and the other two are boys). we talked about different things, quizzed each other on spelling words. then we did a little christmas shopping.

i'm so stoked because i got my brother....ha ha....not telling ya cos he reads this sometimes (or actually i think it's the sil reads it to him)....a gift that i can't wait to give him cos i think he will like it a lot. and if not he'd better just lie and say he does : ) he he

tomorrow we'll be cleaning, maybe doing some shopping, getting ready for the hubs' return. sunday we're putting up the tree. he said maybe we could just lower it through the hole i put in the ceiling : ) yeah, he's a smart ass.

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Mrs. A. said...

I would KILL to be in the delivery romm with -- someone. I've always wanted to be present at someone's labor & delivery (other than my own). Hopefully, someday, my daughter will let me be present, but not too sure about that -- she's a pretty private person.

One of my friends is a midwife who does homebirths exclusively. I really envy her. I think I may have missed my calling. :)

Our tree just went up this afternoon. Better late than never.

Glad to hear things turned around with the FIL. This is NOT the time of year for that kind of stuff to go badly.

Mrs. A