Friday, December 21, 2007

psst, guess what?

(i feel like i'm saying this in my 'one time, at band camp' voice) today i took off work cos i'm going to forfeit so many freaking days anyway and i'm going to have lunch w/ sweet t and famous and sneal. and i'm going to do some yucky house cleaning and i'm going to get all the kids' gifts out to see what i actually have and what we have left to buy.

my closet has unopened boxes from barnes & noble, qvc and i think amazon in it. i have bags from every other store as well. i need to reconnoiter (fun word to say).

yesterday while i was milling around a store trying to get SOME sort of inspiration for the grandma gift (i think i'm getting her a bottle of fat bastard wine cos the name might amuse her) i found the coolest thing for my bro. now my decision is to give it to him for christmas or his bday, which is jan. 3. so far i am probably most excited about the gifts i've found for him this year. the hubs already knows his good gift---digital photo frame, so i can't get too excited about that one. i'm excited about one thing i got him that he doesn't know about, mostly because i don't even think he'd suspect that i'd remember or even get it.

the kids--they like any and everything really, they're kids. i don't know that there's anything we've gotten them that will light up their eyes like the boy's did when he got the mona lisa poster for his birthday. most everything we've gotten them so far was something they said they wanted but i don't know if there's an omg i'm so excited gift in that mix. we'll see.

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