Monday, December 3, 2007

pomegranite 7 up

i discovered this in the grocery store today. it's quite yummy. hmmm, so the computer has been fucked up since saturday. among the other things wrong with me i was having blog withdrawal.

i took some of the meds my dealer i mean doc prescribed friday night. some, mind you. i slept until 2pm saturday. i was groggy and bitchy when i was awake. i cut the dosage back again saturday night and though i didn't sleep all day sunday, it wasn't much better. the hubs and i both woke up feeling like crap. unproductive coughs, shallow breathing, raspy, ah yes, sounds like bronchitis. to make the day even better it was our town's christmas parade, the one the cub scouts participate in. yes, despite the fact that the hubs was sick as a dog he walked in the parade, like 2 hours, with the boy.

he took the girl for her ultrasound this morning, guess they'll call w/ the results. i stayed home today and went to the doc--it is officially bronchitis. i got yet another shot, this one in the ass, and some more drugs. we went almost all year w/out any one of us being majorly sick/ill and then wham. i know the hubs has what i have but his appt. is tomorrow.

also, we found out today that his dad's bypass (triple) will be next tuesday. the hubs will probably leave sat or sun.

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