Thursday, December 20, 2007

about childhood

guinea pig sent me this link to an article on salon about "Childhood's end" When your children grow up, you have to say goodbye to part of them -- and part of yourself. By Gary Kamiya. here's just a snippet of it--he's talking about his 11 year old daughter and how she's growing up--"It's the exploding brain show. Entirely new areas of her mind are blossoming, and you can see the still-coalescing outlines of her grown-up personality start to come into view, like a mask emerging in a vat of molten bronze."

ok, i didn't cry when i read it, i did well up. it's sticking w/ me though. you know how you read something and it just won't go away in your head. yeah, like that. this christmas especially it's different. the girl (10) flat out asked us last summer, she knew last year there was no santa but held on for dear life. this year the boy (8) is holding on for dear life. he MIGHT hold on through next year, but i think this will be the last year of someone believing in santa at our house and it's sad.

the article really puts into words so many things about your kids growing up. i can't write about it anymore right now, i'm going to put myself in a funk.

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