Sunday, December 23, 2007

cookies, nookie and captain underpants

Today we made sugar cookies (ok i cheated and used the pre-made dough) and canned icing but we colored the icing and decorated cookies. love love love doing that. i even experimented w/ some red food coloring and peppermint oil and made candy cane cookies. they plumped when they baked so they are like huge, steroid candy cane cookies, but still yummy. i also finally succeeded w/ the white chocolate covered pretzels. yeah me! : )

after the cookie decorating the hubs and i managed to sneak away to our room to uh....test out the mistletoe ; ) (it works btw) and when we came out this is how the boy was dressed:

this, for the uninitiated of you, is captain underpants, the character in a series of kids' books. the boy was wearing his tidy whities and a red blanket as a cape. the girl, not to be outdone, also had on a blanket cape and a t-shirt and undies; she'd taken off her pajama bottoms.

so, tomorrow is christmas eve and the family is gathering here. all the presents are wrapped and i just need to make a quick grocery run tomorrow and then all will be ready. i'm so excited. i think i'm going to go ahead and wrap the other gift for my brother instead of holding it for his birthday because i'm so excited to give it to him : ) i bet, if he's been reading or if the sil has been reading to him, he's dying to know what i got him. i think he should have to open his presents last tomorrow : ) he he he he

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