Monday, October 27, 2008

this is my brain

it is monday. i am at work. i have read all work emails (note, not responded to them all, but read them). i have opened microsoft word and the word document i was working on when i left friday. by all accounts and outward appearances i am sitting here working my ass off, even eating my lunch at my desk (comfort food leftovers--yum).

i have done nothing really productive today. i've read the latest post cards on postsecret. checked out lolcats (i effing love that site. seriously, it's worrisome how much i love it). visited my regular blogs. played follow the link through comment sections to other blogs (it's amazing the things people post on the internet--i have seen peni today. holy crap).

and can we talk about peni? (that's a word i just made up, plural for penis). it's not even really about peni (ok, well, i guess it is) but more so about men vs. women. when you happen to run across a random penis do you get excited? i don't. i mean i sort of look at them clinically i suppose. like ok, that one is rather fat or wow, that's veiny or something, but i don't look at a penis and think, wow, that makes me hot. whereas i think men look at whohas and think, omg i'd like to be in that. men are more visually stimulated than women. do you agree? or is it just that the female body looks better than the male body?

i get more turned on by what i don't see when it comes to visual stimulation. i can appreciate broad shoulders, that little divet between the waist/leg/torso area--no idea what that's called. i should name it the sexy dent or something. a glimpse of a butt cheek (and no, not a plumber's crack, that doesn't count).

do you think this is a guy girl thing or have i just not had the correct caffeine balance yet today?

do you think you should have to pay the same price for a haircut as you do for a trim? like, if you aren't getting a new style and you're just getting 1/2 to an inch trimmed (or even just the ends nipped off) should you pay the same as a full on haircut? i don't think so. yesterday the family got haircuts. the hubs (holy cow his hair was getting as long as the boy's!) got a full on haircut. the girl (she has shoulder-length straight, fine hair) just got her tips off, like MAYBE 1/3 of an inch trimmed (her hair is all one lenghth) and the boy (who's letting his mop grow out to i don't even know what) got his bangs and sides trimmed. i got about 1/2 inch or so off, just the ends. no new cut. we all paid the same price. i think that's stupid.

i totally fucked up today. yesterday when we were out and about i picked up a bag of peanut butter m&ms. (you know how much i love them). for whatever reason yesterday i also put that bag in my purse. when i got to work this morning i discovered said bag in my purse. i waited until like 11am and then i couldn't stand it any more and i opened the bag. i fear by 5pm i will be in a peanut butter/sugar coma.

i really, really, really cannot wait until next wednesday when our election is over. i am tired of hearing people talk about it. you've either made up your mind or you haven't. suck it up. quit talking about it.

oy vey. another reason i'm being so unproductive and procrastinating up the wazoo today is that it is that time of year again when i have to put together a conference and get speakers for said conference. on the surface, not so tough right? well, uh, but there's no money so can you get some really awesome speakers for free? shurething---let me just pull that out of my areyoufuckingkiddingme bag. i hate working.

for some strange reason i have been thinking about houses a lot lately. we aren't moving or anything, and i like our house, i just have a house in my head that i would love. i've drawn out the floor plan. it's an old house, i don't know what style you'd call it, victorian maybe? colonial? no idea. it would have a wrap around porch all the way around the house. it would be old with genuine wood floors. and, though i've never wanted a second floor and actually probably would hate a house w/ stairs, the house in my head has stairs. you'd walk through the front door into this awesome entry way w/ a grand staircase. to one side is a living room w/ floor to ceiling windows; to the other side is another room either a den or a library or combo of the two. the whole back of the house is the kitchen/family area.
i sometimes fall in love w/ houses on movies. the house that recent movie w/ diane keaton and jack nicholson---dammit, i can't think of the name of the movie (he was dating her daughter, then they hooked up?) a-something (i even have the soundtrack) anyway, i love that house.


Anonymous said...

As Good As It Gets is the name of the movie with the cool house.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

WHHHHHHHHHHHHHATTT? all of that and your comment is the movie title? what about the peni? what about the haircut inequality?

broad minded said...

wrong, you mean somethings got to give. as good as it gets is the one where he is crazy and has helen hunt.

Astarte said...

How come all of JN's movie titles are basically how he's settling for something, when it's the women who are settling?! I mean, has he looked in the mirror lately?! Hello, the old grey 'mare' isn't what he used to be.

I don't think I'd be interested in just random peni. I like that 'sexy dent' too, and arms and shoulders and stuff. OK, I just like Mike Rowe.

I don't know what I think about haircuts. I think a trim should cost less than a whole new hairstyle, but not less than a more-than-trim on the same style, since it probably takes the same amount of time whether it's a quarter inch or two inches.

Anonymous said...

Mike Rowe is totally HOT! Sorry I goofed the movie title. Thanks for correcting me, Broad.

Right there with you on the "sexy dent." There has to be a name for that. I'll ask my friend who's taking medical classes, and report back.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

i can't wait to find out if the sexy dent has a real name : ) so exciting.
and as far as jack n goes--i'm torn. i don't find him attractive in a godheshot way, but maybe it's just his badboyness (which i love) or something; i find him attractive but in an appreciative way not in a i want to do him way. does that make ANY sense?
and mike rowe--yes, hot. and--lord, i think the myth buster guys are hot too : )