Tuesday, October 14, 2008

thank the dogs

you have leah and keely to thank for this post. i fell asleep on the couch sometime around 10. the hubs woke me up to go to bed sometime around midnight. i've laid in there drifting in and out of sleep since (it's now 1:40) and the dogs barking just now made me get out of bed. there must be an oppossum or vole or something running around in the backyard. i did notice the moon is especially bright tonight; don't know if it'a a full moon but i snapped a pic. too lazy to put it up right now.

i had grand plans of posting tonight but failed. i don't normally have any trouble w/ insomnia (hello, love to sleep here) but tonight work projects keep running through my mind and i can't turn them off. (i haven't heard anything from the resume i sent in last week. when i sent it i was like, eh, i don't care one way or the other, but it's times like this where having a new, different job wouldn't be such a bad thing.)

i also had grand plans about starting a series of posts on the hubs and i in celebration of our anniversary coming up on friday, but again, fail. plus, we had a wee bit of a "discussion" last night that carried over into monday morning and left that bad after-fight taste in my mouth. we made up by going to lunch and talking some more. yes, even after 16 years there are still speed bumps. though god knows they are NOTHING like they used to be. seriously? we used to have some ugly, ugly arguments. not physical, but incredibly mean and hateful. i'm the yeller/cusser, stomp off and slam a door type. though, once the kids came on the scene it became harder to do that.

but, everything is ok. the dogs are back in. i've finished my glass of milk. i'm going back to bed.


Trish said...

What's up with the girl? Why are you not here?

Sherendipity said...

Darling, put some tequila in your milk glass next time. ;)
Zzzzzzzzzzzz !!

Astarte said...

I hate the after-fight queasy feeling in my stomach. It makes me want to run away, seriously. I'm glad everything (and everyone) is back in order.

creative kerfuffle said...

sher--ah, liquor and i don't mix that well, especially tekillya and especially at that hour of the am : )