Saturday, October 25, 2008

you may now genuflect

i don't even know what to say. i'm so giddy, like a school girl. i got an award. from sherendipity. holy crap. it's my first time. i'm a blog award virgin. i have to tell you, it feels good. really. i might need to have a smoke it felt so good.

seriously. i mean, I know i rock the casbah with my writing. i amuse myself. a lot. i think i'm clever and poignant and snarky and sometimes a bit naughty. i write from my heart and soul. i struggle, especially lately, with what my blog is. it has always been (basically) an online journal. sher also wrote a post about blogging and, though she didn't put it this way, selling out on your blog to appeal to more people. i guess part of my brain would love it if more than a handful of people read me (and commented) but i don't think it would change my writing. plus, if i ever logged on and had like 20 comments i'd probably shit my pants and then freak out. i'm so paranoid.

part of the thing w/ receiving this award is that i have to pass it along to seven people. uh, well, i give it right back to sherendipity cos i love her blog, but i don't have seven people i read that regularly or that i would feel comfortable awarding. there's like maybe one or two that i lurk on and you can't just up and award those types of blogs.

so, that being said, i'm awarding the following blogs cos i read them religiously.

trish at black and gold cos she is one of my best irl friends. she doesn't post every day and she mostly writes about something i have no understanding of (football).

guinea pig at broad minded cos she is another of my best irl friends. she's a great writer and a bit snarky. she writes about politics (another thing i don't understand) and even if you don't sway to her side there's some great discussion going on there.

kristin at kristin's four kids cos she's become one of my best blog friends and holy crap--i have to hand it to any person that left a "real" job to stay at home and raise four kids (toddler twins) and not become a meth addict ; ) we have a lot in common, both struggle with being moms, both wonder if we've made the right choices, etc. (kay-kay--i hope you know i'm kidding about the "real" job part cos you know i don't think like that.)

astarte at the muddled sage cos she too has become a blog friend and i challenge any of you to save as much money grocery shopping as she does. she is the fucking queen of coupons and grocery deals, etc. plus, she sounds like a pretty cool mom and her kids are close to my kids' age and she's a good writer and i'm often very impressed w/ her advice and spin on things. she certainly is a sage.


Sherendipity said...

I popped your blog award cherry!!

broad minded said...

well gosh, thanks CK.

creative kerfuffle said...

sher--rofl. i hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

broad--you're quite welcome.

Astarte said...

Ooh, ooh!!!!! Thanks!!!! I need to drop off the face of the earth more often!!! I come back, and there's AWARDS and stuff!!!