Wednesday, October 1, 2008

things that move me

i have always loved art and drawing and creating things. i'm a master colorer and crayons were/are always a fave gift for me.

i was formally introduced to art in high school and quickly developed opinions, preferences, favorites and loves. i adored my art teacher. she was incredible. i will always be grateful to her for opening that world to me.

Morisot's The Cradle (morisot was one of the few female impressionists)

Cassatt's Children on the Beach (cassatt also was one of the few female impressionists and the only american)

Monet's Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies (monet speaks to my soul.)

Van Gogh's Cornfield and Cypress trees (of course i love starry night and the sunflowers but the movement of van gogh's brush strokes is powerful--you can almost taste his passion and turmoil in every stroke. i heart him as well, poor tortured soul.)

Renoir's The Luncheon of the Boating Party (i always wanted to be hanging out w/ these people. like they just came off the lake and settled in for the afternoon of wine and food and conversation)

Degas' Absinthe Drinker (i don't know why i like this, because she's so sad and it reflects how i feel sometimes when i'm just like--fuck it? i don't know)

Manet's The Picnic (we studied this in school--i can't remember the significance but i always wondered why the men were clothed and she wasn't)

Degas' Little Dancer (love all of degas' dancer works, but this is so sweet)

Munch's The Scream (because, hell, who doesn't feel like this once in awhile?)


Kristin.... said...

I love art, but I can only draw stick people. I always wanted to take art history in college, but it never fit my schedule. When I wanted to be a perpetual student, I figured I would take some classes. :) Now of course I would rather die than go back to school.

creative kerfuffle said...

kristin--i can dabble in art and would totally be a perpetual art/lit student if i won the lottery