Tuesday, October 14, 2008

just some stuff

the girl was home sick today. last night she was complaining of a stuffy nose (she takes allergy meds regularly) and stomach cramping.

a few weeks ago she told me she was having some TMI MOMENT discharge (did i tell you this already?) anywhooo---that's a precursor to GETTING HER PERIOD. i know the stuffy head has nothing to do w/ the period, but i'm seriously thinking in a few weeks, maybe a month or so, the girl will start. not sure that we're ready for this.

plus,this morning at 6am when she said she didn't feel well (and had already complained the night before) i was all for going back to bed myself.

she's doing just fine and will head back to school in the morning.

astarte (muddled sage) has started an online book club (look at the link over there). i'm going to TRY to be in this book club, though really i don't read nearly like i used to, what with blogs and all : )

last week i emailed my resume to a local school system for this communications job. today i get a letter that tells me they got it but i had to go online and fill out an application. for real? people still fill out applications for jobs that aren't like fast food related? ok. so i went to the web site. omfg (that's oh my fucking god for when omg just isn't enough). that was the most convaluted application process i have ever been through. they asked for my freaking college gpa. really? i graduated college in 1990. is my gpa REALLY relevant at this point? and for previous jobs? uh, not just company name, your title, boss, blah blah blah, but the actuall street address AND zip code AND actual date (not just month and year) you started/ended. hmmm, hope they don't check too closely cause i just made some dates and zip codes up. that is so fucked up. it took me like 45 minutes to fill all that shit out. when it asked if i had any family members that also worked in the school system i just listed my brother not my mom. she's a fuck up and i certainly don't want any opinion they have of her to influence whether i get an interview.

the poll has closed and the majority of the respondents like porn : ) new poll is up now.


Kristin.... said...

Oh good for you about the job. Sucky about the application (how dumb) but I'm so happy you decided to apply.

Astarte said...

I can't believe that you had to fill out an application! School-related work seems to be such a weird mix of blue- and white-collar work, meaning I expect an application with a bc job, but not a wc one. Anyway, I hope you get the job. I'm thinking of applying to be an aide or something when my kids are older. I'm finding I'm having a lot of fun being in the schools with them.

Thanks for mentioning the book club!!! You're so sweet! I hope you can swing it!!!

creative kerfuffle said...

the thing is--i'm not even applying to work IN A SCHOOL--it's in the county admin offices or something. i really just blew me away. one of the questions was "in what type of environment do you prefer to work?" it took everything i had not to get snarky and write--one where people have brains and don't make you fill out lengthy, cumbersome, inane online applications.
as for the book club--i totally want to do it. i did just (like this weekend) check out two books that i should finish first.

Sherendipity said...

I'm feeling incredibly unimaginative today. I'd like to leave you a witty comment, just the same.
How about a joke??

What kind of bees make milk?

Wait for it......