Friday, October 24, 2008

let's stay together

things are starting to click again and i think, for the most part, the veil of indifference has lifted once again. i'm sitting here at work listening to on my computer and this al green song came up, prompting me to post. not that there was any danger of us NOT staying together, but i've always loved this song and it says so much about how i feel.

a huge part of that comes from the fact that the hubs and i talk things out. he recognized, way before i did, that i was unplugged. back in the day this would have led to an argument or a particularly bad spot in our relationship, but this time around it was more like, ok, this is what's going on and we'll ride this wave until things get better.

and, it's not like we talked about things and the next day it was all sunshine and roses. it's a slow process. life gets in the way. things happen. stress. jobs. etc. but, it's a wink here, a hug there. it's the unspoken connections that bring us back to good.

i can't remember where i heard this (probably on a movie or tv show, yeah, i'm that cultured) but it's the string theory i think. there are these invisible strings that connect us to everything/everyone. i think sometimes my strings just get knotted up or something and i have to fix them.

i will, hopefully, post some pics this weekend of jasper (aka batman), the piano the hubs painstakingly toiled over for more than a week and refinished, our pumpkins and maybe some other stuff.


broad minded said...

way to embed CK!

Kristin.... said...

Hard to stay away, isn't it?

I have a post brewing again already today. so much for a hiatus.

creative kerfuffle said...

thanks for your embedding directions broad : )
kay-kay (told ya i'd come up w/ a name for you) it is hard to stay away. i'm like on crack w/ three posts today!

Astarte said...

I like this. We're going through the same thing, but a little farther along than you two. DH's grad school crap dragged on forever, and after the fourth year I checked out, too. It's been since May, and we're slowly finding our way back. There was never a chance of divorce for us, either, but it has been obvious that things have been Different.