Sunday, October 12, 2008

sunday night wrap up

i haven't touched the computer since friday. that's like some sort of record or something! : )

friday night the boy and i went to lego club. whoot whoot. : ) actually, it's not that bad. it's a group of (mostly) elementary age boys getting together to build stuff out of legos. the majority of the boys come with some elaborate thing already built and they they spend the time modifying it or playing w/ it. the boy always brings this tub of legos and just builds stuff on the fly. he doesn't really play w/ legos much at home on his own. and, though we've bought him the sets that show how to make stuff, he doesn't really like that.

saturday morning we got up early cos the hubs was moving more of my grandma's stuff out of her house. he, my brother and jose and my sister, moved a bedroom suit and washer and dryer to my folks house and a piano and dining room set to our house. while he was doing that the kids and i picked up the boy's halloween costume (cos the one we got off of ebay didn't fit); the girl bought some arts & crafts stuff; we went to the library (where i checked out the almost moon by alice sebold--i've just started the book but so far the main character has killed her decrepit, out of her mind mother) and then the boy had his first guitar lesson. he told his instructor his favorite bands are the naked brother's band, queen and train : ) he he he

saturday afternoon the hubs and i started trying to clean about 40 years of nicotine off of the piano. omg. (just for the record, though we both smoke we haven't smoked in any place we've lived since the girl was born). what we thought was going to be an hour's worth of work has turned into something else altogether. we're using murphy's oil soap and along w/ the nicotine, the finish is coming off. i'm convinced it's because the finish simply eroded under all that nicotine or something. anyway, it's going to be a long process and then the hubs will have to refinish it.

saturday evening we went to my folks house for dinner and bday cake for my SIL. my sister and her family were not there for whatever reason. puddin (my neice) is as cute as ever. omg i just can't get enough of her. gameboy and my boy asked my dad to play football w/ them outside. he wouldn't. the hubs asked if he'd come over and help him move the piano from the middle of our den floor to the garage since it was going to take more than anticipated to clean. he wouldn't. (remember above when i said they moved all that stuff to my folks house? and set it up? and my dad was at work so he couldn't help. like he would have.)

last night i watched passion fish. i can't believe i've never seen that before. it was really a great movie.

today? we SLEPT in. i'm talking NOON! ok. the kids got up around 8:30; i got up at noon. the hubs got up close to 1.

overall, good weekend. i'm starting to have a little rumblings of getting pissed off at my family again, but what's new. (and by family i mean my parents/sister).

it's going to be a busy work week (getting ready for another big trade show, but at least i don't have to go out of town for this one) and friday will be mine and the hubs anniversary : ) 16 years! : ) so this week's posts might be filled w/ trips down memory lane and mushy stuff. sorry.


Sherendipity said...

Sweet!! I love the mushy stuff.

If you ever want to rant and rave about your parents, I'm your girl. My Father is dead, my Step Father is a bastard, and my Mother is batshit insane.

I was reading this story and my son Jordan came over to see what I was doing. He noticed my site name on your blogroll and was totally impressed. I think he thinks I'm some kind of internet goddess now. I owe you. <3

Astarte said...

NOON!!!! Whoot!