Monday, October 27, 2008

productive day--FAIL

1/2 a bag of peanut butter m&ms later and i'm seriously ready to freaking poke my eyes out. it is blissfully fally chilly outside and yet i'm in this office w/ what seems to be the entire floor's heating vent blasting above me and i'm about to start stripping it's so damn hot/stuffy.

another question---how do you typically handle comments on your blog? i tend to respond to comments in the comment section unless something gravitates into a post. i read some blogs where the blogger never responds to comments (or at least not actually in the comments). do you email each commenter individually? i just don't know and am probably spending wayyyy too much time wondering about it.

and for sweet t and broad who commented on the previous post--yes, it is something's gotta give but sweet lord---out of that entire post (peni and everything) THAT'S what you comment on?? : ) so you see dear readers, i really am the freakiest of all my irl friends cos i would have been all over that. kristin described me as "a tad bit racy at times" and that made me smile. seriously folks, i'm not a nympho (the hubs can attest to that) and i don't think about sex or nekkidness, etc. 24/7 (repeat, the hubs can attest to that) but maybe i just talk about it more than most people? i wonder (snarkily) if people follow links on other blogs back here and then quickly click away thinking---omg, she said fuck or peni blah blah or she's talking about the kids and cats again. oh well, it amuses me at least.


Astarte said...

I always hated being indoors all day. The end of the day always felt like I was breaking free from prison, with that first breath of fresh air. I don't know what's up with the heat / ac in office buildings, either. It's cold in summer, hot in winter, and that stale air is seriously unhealthy.

Pass over those pb mms. Those are my favorite, and they're hard to find!!!

creative kerfuffle said...

breaking free from prison is exactly what it's like! i would so much rather be cold than hot. i hate being hot. it pisses me off.
and why oh why are pbmms so hard to find? don't they know how luscious they are? they are so under-rated.

Sherendipity said...

I usually email first time commenters. Other than that, I might respond in the comments, but I find lately I haven't been responding at all because I barely have time and energy to post, let alone read the rest of my blogroll and comment on my own site, too.
Which makes me feel like a shit.
When did blogging become so stressful?