Thursday, October 9, 2008

spandex, xmas clubs and pepper

this is the first year i'm not driving two kids to the same school. you'll recall that we get up at the ASS crack (and to me that is any time before 8am) of dawn to get the girl to the bus stop at 6:30ish right? i then drive the boy to school. this morning i realized how very peaceful this is now. when i was toting them both to the same school, each morning brought a new argument, either between them or between me and the girl. it was always a hellacious way to start the day. now, however, it is nice. the boy isn't as rambly talkative in the morning as the girl is and sometimes we'll ride all the way to school just listening to music (he's stuck on train's ordinary now). however, sometimes he imparts some of his random thoughts to me. take this morning for example.

him: mom, which is your favorite (something)1 or (something) 2?
me: hmm, what are you talking about?
him: which is your favorite iron man model? the silver one or the final red and yellow one?
me: the yellow and red one
him: did you know iron man is the only super hero who doesn't wear spandex?
me: really? no, i didn't know that.
him: well, the hulk doesn't either but that doesn't count.

whoot whoot
the hubs just called and his company release the christmas club checks today! schwing! mama's going christmas shopping soon! i'm giddy w/ anticipation. i know odd, since i hate shopping. but i LOVE me some christmas shopping.

joke my over-the-pod-mate told me
him: (telling me this after i sneezed like a kabillion times)did you hear the joke about the woman who had an orgasm every time she sneezed?
me: (laughing as was my other over-the-pod-mate) uh, no
him: she went to the doctor and explained what was happening. the doctor asked, so, what are you taking for it? she said....pepper.

achooo indeed!


Astarte said...

Hey, I want a Christmas Club check, too!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If only sneezes were that rewarding.

Sweet T

Kristin.... said...

Sending some Christmas Club love my way???? :)

Sherendipity said...

make sure you pick up a little sumthin sumthin for yourself!

creative kerfuffle said...

i totally wish i could send xmas club money to all my friends : )