Friday, October 10, 2008

first boyfriends

the other day my friend trish told me about a middle schooler who has a girl in her class, 13 yrs old, who is dating at SEVENTEEN year old which the girl has described in detail in gym to her fellow classmates.

holy fucking shit.

this made me think of my first boyfriend. and i use that term loosely. it was 7th or 8th grade. i don't remember how it actually happened, i'm certain i was not like my daughter; i didn't just walk up to him and tell him i liked him or something as brazen as that. and i don't think it was a lengthy relationship--it might have lasted a week. i know we walked to classes together (we had all the same classes) but i don't even think we ever held hands. cos gosh, then everyone would SEE us holding hands and what would they say? the pinnacle of that relationship was that one of the possibly two times we talked on the phone we...omg...this is SO ridiculous...we each put our guinea pigs up to the phone and let them "talk" to each other. (hanging head in embarrassment)

and that's how we rolled in 1981/82 in middle school. not having sex w/ 17 yr olds.

i didn't have a boyfriend again until i was 15, getting ready to start 10th grade. (aha! i just figured out wtf i need labels for posts! i was trying to find the post about that boyfriend and how the hubs set me up w/ him and i simply can't) that one last about a month. he was my first kiss. my first FRENCH kiss. and he felt me up. then i started dating the hubs and all hell broke loose. ; ) well, you know, not IMMEDIATELY.

the first time i had a crush on a boy i was in third grade. since i'm an army brat we moved around a lot but our home of record was wv. so, anytime we were between bases or my dad was on an unaccompanied tour (like when i was in 3rd grade) i went to school in wv. i went there for part of 1st grade, all of 3rd, part of 4th and part of 6th. that boy was always there and i always had a crush on him. years later, when i was going to college in wv, he was the first guy i slept w/ in college. fucker gave me crabs!


Astarte said...

I don't know what grosses me out more, crabs or thirteen-year-old sex!!!!

I know there were girls in my grade having sex that early, or at least girls that claimed to. I would DIE if I found out that Josie was having sex four years from now. Cripes.

Kristin.... said...

Wow. I dread thinking about sex and my three girls. DREAD.
I can't imagine it. Ack. No no no.

Sherendipity said...'t...I mean...alright. Isn't that statutory rape? I mean, I don't know what your laws are, but isn't it? I mean, technically? Whether it's consensual or not? She's a minor, isn't she?
My God, I would have literally beat the supreme shit out of a boy if he touched my thirteen year old daughter.

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte--i was grossed out by both too. (and can't believe i blurted the crab thing out here, but oh well).
k--yes, i too do not want to think about the girl and sex whether it's 2 yrs from now or 10.
sher--yes, i think it is but the thing of it is (i think, cos i don't know this girl and her family 1st hand) the mom knows about it and apparently does not care. i.cannot.imagine. i also would be beating someone. actually, i think the hubs would be in jail cos he most likely would have killed the kid.

broad minded said...

i dated a guy who had sex for the first time at 13 and there was a rumor in high school that a girl a year younger than me, in 8th grade, was having sex.

and then there was later bloomer me. first kiss, first boyfriend, first sex happened in a three month window right after i turned 19. i had some catching up to do . . .