Sunday, October 26, 2008

higher love; comfort foods and the sweet girl

wandering around blogs the other day i read this post about getting the girls lifted. now--for the females out there who are no longer 20 something and have given birth you'll know what i'm talking about.

i've never been a proponent of plastic surgery, unless there was a medical reason for it. i don't judge people for doing it, but personally it's just not been something i'm into. however, if i were ever going to partake in it i would totally get a boob job. not bigger or smaller, cos frankly i think mine are a pretty good size. i would, however, get them....adjusted. made firmer and perkier. gravity is not a friend to a 40 yr old woman who has nursed two children. my fear though is losing sensation in the nipple area. serious TMI moment, but i think i could enter my nipples into the Guinness book of world records for being the most sensitive. they are quite possibly my number one erogenous zone. go head, you're sitting there going, but ck, my nips are sensitive too, you are just exaggerating. hmmph. really? well, have you ever reached an O just via nip stimulation? i rest my case. my fear is that if i did have the girls lifted and perkified i'd lose the nipple thing and then i'd probably just have to shoot myself.
would you (or have you) have/had plastic surgery? and, what's your prime ero-zone?

we are having comfort food extravaganza dinner tonight--the hubs is making meatloaf (yes, i love it and he makes the BEST meatloaf, for reals), i'm making homemade mac & cheese and we'll have green beans and yeast rolls. the smell alone right now is about to send me over the edge. what are your comfort foods?

so i forgot to tell you what the girl got the boy for his birthday. i really could not be more proud of her. she'd been doing laundry to earn money to get him a birthday present. some of the things she wanted to get him were a bit too pricey so she came up w/ this idea. she got him a poster (marvel comics) and then painted this little wooden box for the boy to put his guitar picks in. she painted flames on it and on the lid she painted "pick pocket." and she got him some picks. is that not the most clever thing?


Kristin.... said...

Ok, so how do you make your meatloaf? I only eat the one my mom makes and now I make.
Awesome gift from girl to boy! She knows him well.

I will blog tonight. Promise!

creative kerfuffle said...

sher---w/out my nipples i fear i'd never have sex again. plus, i'd look sort of weird.
k--my secret meatloaf recipe is that the hubs makes it : ) seriously, he makes it better than i do. i'm not sure what all he does to it but i know there is sausage and bbq sauce involved somewhere.

Anonymous said...

It absolutely cracks me up that I can read about nipple stimulation and meatloaf in the same blog post, AND the comments.

Without them, you'd look like a naked barbie doll.

Mine aren't dead, just hibernating.

Ooh, and my word verification is "ungsm." How appropriate.

Sweet T

Astarte said...

I had a cyst removed from my right boob when I was a teenager, and have no sensation on that side. It sucks the big one. Fortunately, I like plain ol' hoo-hoo play, anyway. The Zoloft makes it hard for me to get to the big O, though.

My comfort food is... ummm.. all food? No, seriously, I like mac-n-chees, and not that boxed crap. I make kick-ass stuff, and I always make enough for two dinners. YUM.

I love when the sibs show love for each other. Patrick has been writing letters to all of us lately, sweet little nothings, and twice now he's written Josie a note that he loves her. Those presents sound awesome, too. Good for her!!!