Saturday, October 18, 2008

chop sticks and more

despite the fact that we decided not to do anniversary gifts (cos we got laptops for our bdays recently and most likely will be getting a flat screen w/in the next several months) the hubs sent me flowers at work yesterday. : )

i don't know if you're like me but i LOVE that shit. seriously. do i know it's a huge waste of money? uh, yes. but i love love love getting flowers. ahem.

we went to dinner last night at one of those japanese steak houses that cooks the food in front of you. this is the first time the kids have gone out w/ us on or anniversary (i thought they'd like the restaurant experience). they did. the boy was quite excited about the fire. both kids enjoyed the "show." they didn't like the soup, ate the salad, didn't like the veggies, ate some of the rice and liked their chicken.

we're up so early this morning because the hubs has some work work to do and i couldn't go back to sleep after waking him up. my mom called about 9:15 to ask me once again what to get the boy for his birthday. my mom has always done this. now that i think about it she did it when we were kids too, but i guess that's a bit different. i feel like telling her, you know what? just give him money because if you don't know him well enough to pick out a fucking birthday present then you don't deserve for me to give you a good idea on what to get him. beeotch. i'm sure my SIL is getting a similar call today seeing as how my nephew's bday is a day before the boy's. we're having a combo birthday party for them next weekend for the first time. they boy will be 9 and gameboy will be 7.


Astarte said...

We don't generally do anything for our anniversary, either. There's a lot going on at that time of year, and frankly, never enough money to go around.

I love Japanese food!!!!!!

I'm not saying this to defend your mom, who is obviously a dipshit, but rather to maybe make you feel better - is there any chance that she's just worried that she doesn't want to overlap with something he either already has or something you might be planning on getting him? Or maybe she wants to coordinate? Everyone in our entire family always asks that exact same question, and frankly, I'd rather they asked, especially my mother, who has been known to get some truly awful gifts when left to her own devices. I mean, really, really bad, like itchy, ugly clothes and stuff that they would never use because it's crap.

Anonymous said...

I personally think she asked because she wants to be supergrandma and get the kid the present that they are dying to having. She wants that reaction. Also funny, I ran into her at Target doing her shopping with who else, your sister and her 2.

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte--hmmm, if she were a different person she'd be asking for the right reasons, but sadly it's more like my SIL said--she wants to be uber grandma. but, you know, without the work. this is the woman who bought HERSELF one of those world's best grandma christmas ornaments one year.