Wednesday, October 22, 2008

meow and a swf update

ok, we all knew i couldn't NOT blog for very long huh? what can i say? even if nobody was reading and even if nobody ever commented i'd still do this because ultimately i guess i do it for myself.

i am going to try not to be as obsessive about it though.

so this week i'm working away from the office at a trade show, though not out of town. typically when we work trade shows we divide and conquer so we can cover more ground. this is one of my employee's first time working this show though and i don't feel right just throwing her into the fray w/out any direction, so she and i have been spending most of the day together. then, ditto has decided to also spend the day with us so since sunday i have literally had two shadows all day every day. i do not work well that way. working the show is emotionally and physically draining enough w/out having them tagging along.

plus we've had a car issue this week. the hubs' car has had problems. something got fixed ($$$) and then today he opted not to get the heat fixed (more $$$) because the car is a kabillion yrs old with a kabillion miles on it.

then there is the thing about my cat. rebel is 17 yrs old and i'm honestly surprised he's still around. he is quite skinny and old and has issues getting around. he's senile. he's like the crooked old man that walked a crooked mile. the end is near, i know this but i've had him for 17 yrs.

today, when the hubs and the kids picked me up (cos his car was in the shop and he was driving mine) they had a kitten in the car. someone had abandoned it at the kids' daycare. he's teenie tiny, maybe six weeks old, and black and white like the girls' cat (princess meow meow). the kids have named him jasper. he has pretty large ears for such a small cat; he looks like a bat in the face. i'm thinking maybe his name should be bruce wayne or maybe batman. i suppose he is now living with us.

i asked the hubs how he got sucked into breaking down and letting the kids keep him. he said the thought we needed him. he thinks meow will need him (a companion) when rebel dies. and, the kitten was in a box on the door step at daycare and it's getting down to freezing tonight. nobody else would take him.

and a swf update? as i said, ditto has been one of my shadows for the last three days. just about every day she makes some reference to lolli. yesterday it was about how lolli always carries fireballs around in her purse and now ditto likes them and bought a tub of them and is addicted to them. today she was commenting about some new outfit lolli was wearing yesterday and how lolli always has nice clothes and looks good. ditto needs serious help.

this saturday we're celebrating the boy's and my nephew's birthday. the nephew's bday is the 27th and the boy's is the 28th.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, she's copying her candy, now? Scary!!

Glad you're back. Hope the kitty issues work out.

Sweet T

Kristin.... said...

I think we're getting a kitty or two. Meg had a horrible time dealing when her cat died 3 years ago, and our cat Lira is 11, so we figured kitties could help ease pain when Lira passes. Oy.
SWF needs to get a life.

Sherendipity said...

How sweet is your husband. Awwww.
I feel kind of sorry for that ditto lady. In a weird, "holy cow you're such a poor freak" sort of feeling sorry.
Let's see new kittie pictures!

Astarte said...

I think she should put out really gross candy on her desk, like black jellybeans, and then just hide some good stuff in a drawer! That way, Ditto would be stuck with crappy candy!

I'm impressed that your cats will tolerate this outrageous usurping of their cuteness factor. Sasha didn't take kindly to our Fiona after she turned a year old, and they started peeing all over the house in an effort to be the big winner.

I know what you mean with your cat's age. DH and I are both eyeing poor Tyler Bear, who will be 12 soon, and wondering how long his lumpy, achy body will last. It's hard to watch, and sometimes I wish it was just Over. Not that I want him to go, far from it, but I hate knowing the End is Out There.