Saturday, October 25, 2008

bday party: a nice 1 akshully

today we celebrated gameboy (my nephew) and the boy's birthdays. aside from the fact that the hubs and i busted out ass (we always do this, why why why) last night to clean the house since we had the party here, it went off nicely.

my SIL's parents came; the boy's best friend came; my granny came; my folks (and they even dressed up in halloween costumes!) and my sister and her family. once again, i don't think i heard jose speak a word (more on THAT whole situation in a second).

watching the boys's bittersweet. they have always been close, they're two years apart. when they were a bit younger you didn't really notice the two year difference, but i think there will come a day when two years is a difference. maybe when the boy gets in middle school and gameboy is still in elem? i don't know. but they still get along very well, have similar interests, though they also both have their own separate interests, and, as gameboy was leaving this evening the boy ran out to the car to give him a hug. i love that.

the girl can't get enough of puddin (my niece). she's six months and i'd forgotten how quickly babies change. my kids don't change drastically from month to month, but man, puddin does. i blink and she's grown up!

so, during the party, everyone was milling around, in and out, etc. the hubs was outside, the kids were on the trampoline and my sister started asking him for advice apparently things are not all rosey and shiny happy in married-land for her and jose. gee, i can't imagine why seeing as how they've been "together" for about what? MAYBE 3-4 months and have been married for two of those? yeah. she previously made the comment to the hubs that married life would be better w/out the kids (uh, yeah, should have thought about that before beeotch). today she asked the hubs if he and i fought when we first got married (uh, yeah, how about 2-3 times a week for about 10 years?). she said they fight a lot and when they fight he leaves and doesn't come back until the next day. and his ex girlfriend is still calling. hhmmmm. the hubs said, well, ya know 1 out of 3 marriages end in divorce. (i don't think the bro and sil are getting divorced and the hubs and i aren't so you do the math). whatev. i was thinking they'd make it a year but perhaps not. if they aren't going to make it i sure as hell hope she doesn't have a baby before they split up (which would be totally like her to do).

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