Monday, October 6, 2008

procrastination meet creative kerfuffle

you know when you go to type in the title of your post--procrastination--and about 4 titles pop up in the auto-fill box you have a problem.

i have been working on the same story for about a week now and it is killing me. i do not want to write it. bleh.

we had a loverly, mostly-do-nothing weekend. there were naps. there was sex (hooray!). there was movie watching. friday night we watched iron man and baby mama. i have to say i think i liked iron man best. i am ambivalent, mostly, about the super hero movies, despite the fact that the boy is ALL about them and i think the hubs is too (secretly). i have issues w/ the whole batman series because i liked the old ones and can't bring myself to like the new, darker ones and i don't like christian bale (is that his name?). but i love me some robert downey jr. and he was really good in iron man. i liked it. they totally left it open for a sequel. baby mama. eh. not as funny as i expected. i think they wanted it to be a SNL funny kind of movie but they got caught up in the emotions. they should have picked a feeling and stuck with it. i think it could have been hilarious or poignant, but not both at the same time.

i quit procrastinating and sent my resume out for a job. aside from being a procrastinator i do not do well with big changes, like jobs. and though i love bitching about the one i have, i can think of myriad ways it could be worse. we'll see. i might not even get an interview.

i posted saturday about how awesome my parents are right? well, when the hubs got home from helping w/ the door (his next 2-3 saturdays are booked btw--helping more w/ the grandma stuff) this is what he told me my dad had to say about their weekend plans being changed. my dad said they didn't go because my mom would worry too much about my nephew being sick; but if it had been one of the other grandkids (meaning my two or my bro's two) they would have gone. uh, ok? wtf? i guess he could tell by that you-are-such-a-stupid-fuck-look that the hubs gave him that that MIGHT not have sounded right. so he tried to clarify. he said they worry because jose and my sister are so stupid (i don't know that those were his exact words) and don't know how to take care of kids (hmmm, ok) and they don't worry about us or my bro/SIL being able to take care of their kids. so, the hubs asks, if you were worried about the SICK kid, why is the WELL kid spending the weekend w/ you? whatev--my parents are fuckknobs.


Kristin.... said...

family stuffs suck. period. ugh.

i am the queen of procrastination. no, really, i have a crown and everything.

i can't get out of my own way. i just want to go to bed.

creative kerfuffle said...

k--oddly the parental things don't hurt me anymore (remember, i've built a wall) but they still make me shake my head and say wtf??
can there be 2 queens of procrastination cos i'm really, really excellent at it : ) maybe i could be a duchess or something.

broad minded said...

in a twisted way i see your dad's logic - i hate to admit - but it is still very much a WTF moment.

i have been sort of told the same thing by my father in relation to my brother and the mounds of money they have loaned him to get his shit straight. whereas i just bop along in my own cocoon of debt, keeping things going, so they think all is ok. i guess it is like deciding between the slow leak in the dyke wall or the hurricane that rips the wall down. and you and i my friend are slow leaks . . .

Anonymous said...

I can't get out of my own way, either, Kristin. I would love to be able to step outside myself and get things done! And, I love my bed, too.

Sweet T

Sherendipity said...

I liked Iron Man a lot, and I loves me some RDJr. I'll ignore the fact that you don't like Cristian Bale, and continue to adore you, anyway. ;)

creative kerfuffle said...

sher--my thing w/ christian bale is that i saw him once in something where he was a bad guy (can't remember what) and it stuck w/ me so i can't see him as batman. plus i really hearted michael keeton and george clooney as batman.

Astarte said...

I think 'fuckknob' has to be one of my top-ten new phrases for the year. That is awesome.