Wednesday, October 29, 2008

speaking of pigs and bacon

let me preface this by saying the hubs is firmly taken and i seriously would not trade him for anything in the world. however, sometimes, lord, he can be such a pig.

i told him that a friend of mine is going on a second date this week (whoot whoot) and he of course made some sex comment. i said, uh, this is the second date, i seriously doubt they are having sex, especially given the fact that said friend doesn't roll like that. (he says most women do roll that way but i have to disagree.)

i reminded him that when we were dating, you know, back in the dark ages, that he had to wait about a year before i finally gave up the goods. (for the record i was days shy of turning 16)

he said yes, but you have to know that you are the only one i waited for. if we got divorced today and i started dating someone tomorrow they would be (his words, NOT mine) "slobbering on the knob" by the second date.

so, with that bit of wisdom being spoken, i had a brain storm.

i'm going to let the hubs guest post one day soon and let him share w/ you his views on things. so, send in your questions or topics you'd like him to cover. and, to make this all bloggerific i'm going to give a PRIZE if the hubs chooses to write about your topic (there may be multiple prizes depending on what he decides). so, put on your (dirty, perverted, male-skewed) thinking caps and send in your suggestions. you can either leave the topics in comments or email me at


Anonymous said...

This is your friend who went out tonight, and I assure you, nothing even remotely sexual occurred. So there.

Sorry to disappoint, Hubs. But I have to admit, I have "rolled like that" before. Long, long ago. And with much alcohol.

broad minded said...

i too once rolled like that, with or without alcohol, mostly motivated by never knowing when the opportunity would present itself again.

sorry CK. topics for the hubs to expound on? that is a dangerous thing to ask . . .

creative kerfuffle said...

did i mention--there will be prizes??? like lotions or something. it might be dangerous for the hubs to post but you know i'll be like big brother w/ the censorship and not let him get too out of hand ; )
and sweet---i need date details!

Jessa said...

Alright, you did my tag, so I'll do this because I've been told I think more like a guy anyway.

#1 Mr. Hubs, if a girl would "play the flute" on the second date, does that not make you consider for even the teeniest second that she has probably "played a lot of flutes" in her time? And, is that really the kind of "flute playing" you'd like to partake in?
#2 Are guys really that desperate to be the recipient of "flute playing" activities? Really? You'll settle for whatever you can get just because you got it?

Sorry to any who read this blog and actually play the flute, the instrument, I needed a "nice" way to say it.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I thought my ex was the only one who did the floppy penis dance. Dear Lord. Why do they think we want to see that???? And it makes a noise, too. Ick!

Sweet T