Monday, October 6, 2008


i am restless. the hubs is restless. this is not typically a good combination. when we are both restless at the same time we usually buy something. big. like a flat screen tv or something. we've been stalking them.

i am restless about my job. i'm bored, yet oddly comfortable. i put things off for the adreneline rush (self-imposed stress) i create by working on a tighter-than-i-should deadline.

i am restless about my blog. i don't like the way it looks. i feel it has become boring not only in how it looks but the content. i blah blah about the same old same old. i have been lurking on several new blogs that are quite different from my usual haunts. there's a tmi blog--they post questions every tuesday about tmi stuff. combining my two fave things--tmi and memes. i found another that outlines sure fire blow job techniques. yes, these are the things i've been reading lately. there is that naughty side of me that has a lot to say as well but i've mostly gotten away from saying a lot of that here, oddly enough because of my audience. but, if i'm to remain true to myself (how many fucking times have i written THAT?) i can't NOT talk about sex and naughty things right? how many of you would quit reading if i did?

i am restless w/ all the decluttering i totally need to do in my house. for real, my closet is embarrassing. i cannot shut the doors. there are shoes, too many shoes, littering the bottom of it. the hubs and i share a closet. when he runs across clothes he doesn't like (they don't fit, have a stain, rip blah blah and should be thrown away) he just tosses them to the side of the closet. we have too much luggage in the closet. and a tv. and a huge metal tin full of wires. for real? oh, and my foot locker full of memories.

this week many of the hubs' financial planning efforts are coming to fruition and i am excited about the opportunities and progress that will bring. we actually bought stock for the first time ever. ok, well, you know, not A LOT of stock. but still. if you want to help--buy a lot, truck loads, of kelloggs products : )


Kristin.... said...

Restless is the PERFECT word. Perfect. I am so close to not blogging right now it's not even funny.

broad minded said...

i wouldn't stop reading if you got kinky, i would just look at you funny ;)

it is the changing seasons that are making you restless. in college my one apt mate and i would always talk about the "something's going to happen" feeling we would periodically get in the air - often before a storm. The air just felt different and it got us all hyped up and RESTLESS. college girls restless leads to interesting things . . .

creative kerfuffle said...

k--don't give up the BLOG! hell, you're one of the few i still read!
broad--you mean you don't look at me funny now? lol. i'm not talking all out erotica, though, damn, i'm totally going to share some of the links i've run across cos, damn!
and you may be right about the seasons impacting the restlessness. restless college girls leads to drinking and screwing and wondering where the hell you are in the morning. oh, did i say that out loud?

Anonymous said...

Drinking and screwing sounds fun! Wait, did I say THAT out loud? It's been way too long, on both counts. Sigh. I'm a bit restless, to, but I think it's because I have NOTHING to do at work. So, Broad and I get to chat a bit more.

Sweet T

Sherendipity said...

Bring on the kinky!!
/looks around sheepishly

Join me in Half Nekkid Thursdays. DO IT !! You can tell people I made you. ;)

creative kerfuffle said...

whoot whoot sweet t! i sooo wish i knew a hot single smart funny hot guy to have stumble across your path.
yeah sherry--i am going to kink it up when the mood strikes me but i just don't know about the nekkidness. i'll really have to give that some thought. plus, i'm lazy and it sounds like work.