Wednesday, October 15, 2008

shoot me now please

seriously, they should have stopped at the one presidential debate because the longer this shit goes on the more i begin to hate both of them.

i call bullshit on everything. i'm sick of the ads; he said this; well he said that. bleh. grow the fuck up. this goat rodeo, combined with wall street which goes up and down faster than a whore on crack doing a basketball team, has the rest of the world looking at us like---dude! what the FUCK happened?

i'm so so so over all of this. i'm really looking at moving to luxembourg. did you know their per capita income is $80,500 (highest in the world) and their population is like 500,000? fer reals (thank you 6th grade social studies homework). they speak french, luxenbourgan (who knew?), german and english. i can totally dig that.

the hubs thinks the answer is for everyone to write him in on the ticket so he can rule the world. fucker! he just said if he got elected he'd keep palin on the ticket and there'd be many late night oval office meetings. ASS!

i had an epiphany tonight--i'm a nick namey person. the kids, the hubs, the pets--all have nicknames. it's not a conscious thing. the hubs does it too. my kids do it to us (the girl calls me mommy salami sometimes). i do it to my friends--if they have two syllable names i cut it to one; one syllable i add an eeee to the end (bethie, trishie). i don't do this every time i speak their names, but i do it fairly often. do you do that?


Trish said...

uh, yes! Famous Beth, Donut, Guinea Pig

creative kerfuffle said...

but even in person i call y'all nicknames. trishie : )

Sherendipity said...

You should be Canadian. The elec-shun is over for us. Can I get a woohoo?
And yes, I'm pretty sure there's no one in my life that doesn't have a nickname.

creative kerfuffle said...

i could totally be canadian : ) okay a--my 1st canadian exposure was bob and doug mckenzie--take off eh!? holy crap i loved that.
depending on how our vote goes the hubs says we might just be moving to the great white north. i think he's bluffing. he hates snow.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you'd be moving to the great "white" north if the election doesn't go the way the Hubs wants. :) Hmmm. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Sweet T

(do I have another nickname? I don't think I do.)

Astarte said...

I am sick of it, too. It's the rudeness that gets me. I have found increasingly that I listen to the radio more than watch the TV, and when there's a debate on, I close my eyes to listen so I don't have to see their faces. It's too distracting and annoying to see McCain do that half-smirkensneer shit. Ugh! And I HATEHATEHATE the commercials. Gross.

Nicknames - PeasieWeesie, Beeb, BeanieWeenie, TylerBearDog, and Kitty Mao live here with me. I don't know why I even give things real names.