Monday, October 27, 2008

shopping challenge

is it just me or do you find it difficult to shop for those you love? i'm not talking friends and extended family (or anyone else you might buy gifts for) i'm talking your significant other?

the hubs and i were talking about this last night and frankly it sucks balls. i have no problem buying for the kids--it's hard not to get excited about that and to find things you know they will go bat shit crazy over.

however, when it comes to shopping for the one that is nearest and dearest to your heart it is like a test. and, it's more about what's in my head than how it's actually perceived. i mean i know the hubs doesn't open a gift and immediately think oh, she REALLY loves me because she bought me this, or, fuck, what was she thinking because she bought me that. but, i get so stressed out when there's an occasion to buy him a gift (like birthdays, anniversaries, christmas) because i want to get the perfect thing that says, yes, i KNOW you and i LOVE you with all my heart and you are the most special person in my life. i expect the gifts i give him to be....i don't know, like a validation of my feelings or something.

do you have these gift giving issues?


Astarte said...

Shopping for DH is next to impossible. If he wants it, he probably ordered it off of eBay already, or it's too expensive, or I don't know what it is, or it's boring, like a gift card. I mean, seriously, why would I take money out of our joint account and get him a gift card? Duh.

creative kerfuffle said...

i HATE giving gift cards but SOOOOO love to get gift cards to starbucks or bath&body. seriously. i put those on any gift list and instead my mom gets me wal-mart lotions. oy vey.
and gifting the hubs is more difficult when the $ comes out of the same pot (like ours does). hard to sneak something by him, if i was wont to do so.

Sherendipity said...

My problem is the opposite. The gifts that I get suck shit.
For the longest time, Brad would continually be all proud of himself, bringing home gifts that he expected me to think fabulous.....and was always so disappointed when I was playing a fake (although trying to be convincing) appreciation for his thoughtfulness.
You see, he wasn't being thoughtful. For the longest time, he'd by me things that he wanted. I don't even think he'd realize he was doing it.
He'd buy movies, cd's, etc. and never once had I expressed any passing interest in them, but I could pin point the day when he mentioned that he'd really like them.
God, I sound so bitchy. Oh well.