Thursday, October 30, 2008

six random things about me

i confess i love this type of thing (it's my secret narcissist coming out i suppose). plus, though some of you know me quite well, some may not. i picked this up on bug-n-bee, who recently stopped by here.

ok, six random things:

1. halloween is my favorite holiday. i know some people hate it and that's fine. i'm not judging. i like it because i like the costumes (though i rarely actually dress up) and the pumpkin carving and the halloween decorations and because it's the least stressful holiday. no gifts to buy, no family dinners to go to, etc. plus, for several years we've done trick-or-treating w/ my sil and bro in their neighborhood and it's become a tradition.

2. i am multi-orgasmic. (ha--i HAD to throw that in for sweet t who totally thinks i'm tmi too much (but loves me anyway) and because i think she thinks i'm all about sex.

3. truth be told, though i acted a little put out that the hubs and kids brought home jasper (the new kitteh), i heart him already and, under the right circumstances (like we lived on a farm or something) i would have an assload of cats and dogs. a frightful number of them to be sure. and some cows. and maybe some sheep. and pigs.

4. i have, on my person, two birthmarks and a tattoo.

5. crayons and coloring thoroughly delight me.

6. i am a gawd awful cook. last night i made tilapia. it tasted like dirt. for real.


Jessa said...

Thank you for playing. Check out my guestions for Hubs! LOL

We can awful cooks together!

Kristin.... said...

Ok, I knew most of this! SWEET! :)

Well, except the multi-orgasmic one. That's just TMI. :) hehe

Sherendipity said...

I don't hate Halloween as much as I say I do. I might miss it if it was outlawed, or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie,
Thanks for the TMI, although I think I knew that one already. I know you're not ALL about sex, it just "comes" up more in convo with you than most of my friends. Although, it's happening more frequently with Broad. And speaking of frequently, I'm right there with you on #2. :) I do have to ask, though, which "O"ne is the best for you? Just curious if there's a particular number you work toward.

Sweet T

PS: Yes, I know. I just gave the Hubs so ammo.

creative kerfuffle said...

sweet t---perhaps my influence is rubbing off on broad : ) he he he as for which o---it's hard to say. sometimes there's like a wave of smaller external ones that are totally awesome and then there's like a big internal one that's great. it doesn't happen every time, but more often than not. sometimes it also depends on what position you're in.