Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i'm so not stylish

ok, so this weekend as i was picking out my boring, professional "trouser socks," and a new pair of textured tights (*i'll get back to the tights in a sec) i noticed these foot-less tights. hmmmm. like leggings right?

i SO wanted to buy them and some skirts and big shirts and ......hold on....didn't we already do that look? like, in the '80s? ah, the 80s. i loved the clothes i wore in high school. baggie jeans, (i even had a pink pair!), big sweaters, flash-dance sweatshirts (you know, holy and off the shoulder), docksiders w/ no socks...oh, sorry, i was tripping down memory lane.

i really really want to wear leggings and a shirt/dress. obviously i can't wear that to work cos you know, people would laugh. but, they are selling footless tights so WHERE are you supposed to wear those?

i must say, i love me some tights. really, i wish i could find the old school tights that are more like socks (as far as thickness) but they're tights. are you following me or am i just disremembering that these things exist/existed? anywhoo---i'm wearing my nifty tights today and this sort of flouncy skirt. it's pleated (and was a hellacious bitch to iron let me tell you) but it has an underskirt (sort of like a built in slip) that gives it flounce. (i think the hubs likes it cos when i bend over there's you know, flounce and he can pretend i'm a french maid or something) the thing is--w/ the tights i can't really tell if the skirt is covering everything it should. i'm ultra paranoid that i'm going to walk out of the bathroom or get up from my desk and the skirt is going to be stuck and i'm going to be showing my tight-clad ass. the thing i don't like about tights is putting them on. and subsequently pulling them up and down all day to pee. they should make crotchless tights.

i'm thinking this is karma because when i was in 10th grade my chemistry teacher (who i actually really liked even though i sucked at chemistry) was wearing a yellow, terry cloth mumu-like dress and got it stuck in the back of her pantyhose. no one said a word. she taught the entire class with her dress stuck in her pantyhose.

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