Tuesday, October 7, 2008

straight from the hubs

he's sitting here watching the debates, i'm blogging and not paying attention.

out of nowhere he says "my question to senator mccain would be how well does palin give a blow job because she's got that look."

me: what??

him: she's got that look like she could suck a mean dick.

me: whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? what is THAT look?

him: i don't know. you've got that look too.

me: (grinning) ok, but what IS that look?

him: i don't know. but you two have it.

me: ok, so which of my friends have that look? no, seriously, i won't get mad.

him: (after much prodding and promising i won't get mad, cos i won't, i'm just trying to figure out what that look is. i think it's a guy thing.) ok, that one friend of your's (a girl i worked w/ two jobs ago--sweet t--you know who he means). i agree w/ him, i still don't know the look but i know her.

him: sweet t (because he totally thinks she has a secret side) and broad cos ....wait for it broad....cos she's a liberal and they'll swallow anything. (don't hate the messenger!)


Anonymous said...

Amazingly, I'm not offended, and actually I have been told I possess certain skills. That was a long time ago, though. I think I've forgotten how.

Sweet T

And no, Hubs, I don't want a lesson. :)

broad minded said...

oh my lord. i don't think i can say anything else to be honest.

Sherendipity said...

In some cultures that would be called a "knob gobbler".
I'm just sayin'


Anonymous said...

Uh, Sweet T.... I dont give lessons on such things, I just allow myself to be used for practice. I think that is very un-selfish of me, and should be appreciated. I knew you had the look. And you broad... After all these years I finally get to see you speechless. Life is Good. Besides this adds to the appeal of both of you.


broad minded said...

you are a sick, sick man. and i wasn't necessarily speechless, but good manners restrained me from saying anything more.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, I resemble that remark. And, since when do you have good manners when it comes to me. Besides, I know that deep down inside you love me for being a free spirit. It is not that other people dont think what I think, they just dont have the balls to say the things that I say. Gotta love me. Those that know me, know me well. Those that dont can go to hell. U allright in my book Broad.