Wednesday, November 7, 2007

wtf it's 3:41 am

the vicodin didn't do much i fear. it is 3:41 in the morning. i went to bed, slept for about an hour or so then it was time for the hubs to get up. he's got an hour and a half drive and has to be at a store at 5:30 this morning. i don't normally get up when he does this but after the hour and a half of sleep my brain started working in overdrive or something.

in an instant i conceived the entire agenda for my conference, which is looming in a few short months. i tried not to get up, tried to tell myself i would remember all the details. then the alarm went off for the hubs, the dogs decided they thought there might be something interesting in the back yard to discover and i was wide awake. i got up, jotted down the notes, made the hubs some coffee (like i said, i don't do this normally) then i emailed myself all the notes. i copied my boss and partner so they'd be impressed with my diligence : ) how manipulative of me is that?

i'm going to finish a crossword puzzle and go to bed for a few more hours. i am going to be a fucking zombie on hump day, which is today, and it will not be a hump day for me as the hubs will be out of town now until tomorrow.

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